How much petroleum is really left in the world?

How long will the existing petroleum supply last our current rate of energy consumption?

4 Responses to “How much petroleum is really left in the world?”

  1. lemur_monk Says:

    There is about 1.5 gallon in my car plus about nnnnnnnn gallons in pumps and refineries all over the world.

    Petroleum is a derived product–constantly being manufactured and consumed. If all production ceased, all supplies will probably run out within months.

    Hmm…probably you meant crude-oil not petroleum.

  2. bigTbags Says:

    50 years – no more.

  3. lbestbc Says:

    lots,here in british columbia we have a untap resource off our west coast,but local natives are claiming this as their waters under the "indian claims act"

  4. brilorbayrob Says:

    we have enough to last atleast the next 1000 years. check out canada, there is enough there to shut the arabs down.