How much was the retirement for the Petroleum executive right after they got subsidies from the US government?

Locally the US Oil Executives own one vacation house (5th house at that time) that was worth 10 million in 1995 that has a 22 car garage and another is building and rebuilding one estimated at 60 million last I heard in Destin.
No I think the retirement was more than that. Thanks. As to the comment why do I care I can choose to turn on Opera or pay to watch a Tom Cruise movie but when I pull up to a pump where everyone in my town has the same price based on coopertation of monopolies is a totally different thing.
Before you call someone worthless you have to keep in mind the people who are movie stars who are successful have good memories, work hard to be loved by the public, and work very hard at what they do. Many are very active in charitable activities such as animal rights. Also Opera is one of the worlds greatest advocates of women’s rights in regards to abuse as she was severely abused when she was young. I do not see Opera as worthless I see her as a woman who has made some changes in the world for the better while making good investment strategies in the process that helped her economically. Not that I watch her regularily but when I do I have been impressed with the content of her show as opposed to the ones where people get on the show beat each other up and insult each other who are from jail or the welfare cycle.

3 Responses to “How much was the retirement for the Petroleum executive right after they got subsidies from the US government?”

  1. williamh772 Says:

    I believe it was $400 million.

  2. birdsnakecatharine Says:

    So what?
    All CEO’s of giant corporations make millions. Nothing wrong with that.
    Also, Union Bosses make millions and millions, by taking it away from us rank & file workers.

  3. mymadsky Says:

    Why do you care? How many homes does Opera have? Brad Pitt? Tom Cruise?

    Why is it ok for a worthless movie star to make millions but not someone in charge of an oil company?

    I agree the term "worthless" was missused.