How much will British Petroleum's accident in the Gulf of Mexico cost us?

The price of gasoline soared after the Exxon Valdez grounded in Alaska. As a matter of a fact, all petroleum companies increased their prices to rescue Exxon… And that was strange to me at the time..
How much are the jewels of the Queen of England worth?
This is a financial burden that American consumers should not indure alone.
And what of the politicians who allowed this very risky drilling for petroleum?

4 Responses to “How much will British Petroleum's accident in the Gulf of Mexico cost us?”

  1. Carson N Says:

    This spill was a freak accident, period…. not greed not a conspiracy

    The prices might go up because of speculation, not at all because of the quantity of this one well…. which is insignificant in comparison to the global supply.

    What President Obama does to handle the situation will change everything. If the environmental groups have their way expect very expensive oil and losses of jobs in the tens of thousands from the enrgy sector. Expect jobs in the energy sector to leave the US faster than ever before. Governments like Lousisana, Alabama, and Texas that depend on taxes from engery companies will lose much funding.

    The american consumer should worry more about what the people in office will do in taxing and regulating not the oil companies who have no true control over prices. (if they did oil would not have fallen to 30-40$ per barrel a year ago.)

    As it is uncle sam makes more profit off of each gallon of gas as oil companies make… without incurring any cost or risk.

  2. artgal Says:

    Natural gas prices will go up as well come this next winter.Not to mention most things we buy are made from oil from toys to water bottles.Fish,crab,lobster will go up as well.

  3. chloe Says:

    bp stands for beyond petroleum. Gas prices are going up.

  4. james h Says:

    If distribution of wealth is enforced fairly the cost will be shared by everyone so maybe the burden will be bearable.