How much would it cost to purchase Mount Everest ?

A stupid question perhaps given the complexities of foreign government annexation even if by means of monetary acquisition.
How much to purchase Mt Everest, in total(meaning all that is considered to be Mt. Everest)?
Or how much to lease the Mt Everest for a total of no less than 500 Years?
If acquired, rights of said territory would allow land owner to have a fully autonomous government.
Other rights would include HEAVY mining operations and nuclear energy privileges.
The mountain and surrounding areas would still be open to public world wide with only moderate restrictions to certain areas on the mountain.

So, all that being said, could someone give me a "ballpark" figure for the purchase of this mountain from the Nepalese and Chinese Governments.

Thank you.

5 Responses to “How much would it cost to purchase Mount Everest ?”

  1. enthusiast Says:

    Mount Everest is the pride of Nepal and Nepalese. How could you even think of buying an entity of a country which has made the country precious among the rest of the world ? You can never ever buy Mount Everest my friend!! :-)

  2. Iffy Says:

    Nothing since it is not for sale or rent. It is a commodity that is priceless

  3. rtfm Says:

    It is not for sale. You cannot buy it at any price.

  4. robschwenck Says:

    I’d sell it to you for $5 billion.

  5. AndyR Says:

    It’s about half the price of the moon.