How to fix a laminate countertop corner ding?

I have an island where my stovetopand whatnot are when I was drying off a broiling pan it slipped out of my hands and the edge of the pan landed right on the edge of the countertop and took a bb size chunk out of it. I just moved into this house and dont want to piss the owners off (my parents) DAD HAS OCD really bad. HELP ME what should i do?

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  1. D2 Says:

    if it is a solid color you can use epoxy touch up paint for appliances,it will blend in and harden just like the counter tops,i use it all the time,i have 5 apt.complexes with them in them and we are all the time repairing them,you can p/u at any home improvement center or hardware store

  2. I am I said Says:

    You need to patch it with plastic laminate seam filler.

    Home Depot sells it. It comes in a squeeze tube that looks like caulking, but unlike caulk it hardens when dry. It is intended to fill seams and scratches in laminate. Comes in a variety of colors.