How to Fixed Price Natural Gas Programs Work?

Yesterday, we were approached by a company called "Just Energy" Corp. and invited to sign up for a natural gas fixed price program, promising to "lock your price in now for guaranteed protection against future increases."

I guess whenever a business offers me something, my first question is, "what’s in it for them?" I presume they wouldn’t make me the offer purely for the altruistic purpose of saving me money. I presume they’re looking to make maximum profits, as well.

So what is in it for them? whats in it for me? is it worth it?

they told us 25.9cents per cubic metre for 5 years for natural gas. is that good?

i really have no idea.

my mom signed the contract without me helping her decide but i understad we do have 10days to cancel athe contract without penalty . Can we still cancel by calling?


2 Responses to “How to Fixed Price Natural Gas Programs Work?”

  1. jeholman25 Says:

    Well, take a look at the last 12 months of gas bills with your current company. They tell you the rate they are charging. Take the average cost per cubic metre and if its lower than 25.9 cents, then its probably not worth it. However, if you believe gas prices will be going way up in the future then it could be a good idea. Generally, these companies start out charging you more than you normally (thats how they make money), you are basically betting that the price of gas will go up siginificantly over the next 5 years. If the price of gas doesn’t go up, you get screwed, if it only goes up a little, it’s probably a wash, if it goes up a lot, then you save, it’s a gamble either way.

  2. Mike Says:

    Since I had not heard of this happening with natural gas I decided to check them out.

    Get your money back if you can!!