How to get Crude Oil for a Science Fair project?

I need to get oil that is something like the oil that was in the oil spill. Is there any way I can get that legally.

3 Responses to “How to get Crude Oil for a Science Fair project?”

  1. Frank N Says:

    Bring a sturdy plastic or metal container to a local refinery, tell them why you want it, and ask them to fill it for you.

  2. David D Says:

    Dig, baby, dig….

  3. Rob T Says:

    You won’t be able to get "real" crude oil unless you know somebody who works at an oil refinery who might be able to get a sample some for you.

    The nearest thing would be "heavy gas oil", but you probably can’t buy a that from an oil supplier in quantities of less than about 100 gallons. If you can find somebody who has oil fired heating for their house (or farm buildings etc) they would probably let you have a small amount from their storage tank. Or if you live near a seaport, you might be able to get a sample of "bunker oil" used for fuelling large ships.

    Another possibility would be to ask your school where they buy their lab chemicals from. It’s possible that supplier might sell small amounts for use in experiments. (You would probably have to get the school to buy it for you).

    All mineral oils are toxic and carcinogenic and need to be disposed of as "hazardous waste" after you have finished with them, not just poured down the nearest drain. So it would be better to use vegetable oil for health and safety reasons – though the physical and chemical properties or vegetable oil and mineral oils are quite different.