How To Get Employed As Petroleum Engineer?

Well, I want to be a petroleum engineer, lot of my family are back home, when i say that, my friends joke around sometime saying that there will be no more oil left by the time i get to college and out and blah blah….. is that true, how many years left till petroleum engineers are deemed unneeded? ANYWAYS, my main question is most petroleum engineers have 10 years work experience, so how do you get a job quickly fresh out of college?

2 Responses to “How To Get Employed As Petroleum Engineer?”

  1. Chuckles Says:

    The use of petroleum will decline but there will be use of it for hundreds of years. They teach Petroleum engineering at West Virginia University and pretty well all of each year’s graduating class has several job offers before graduation. Petroleum engineers are the most in demand of all engineers and this is a very good field to get into.

  2. Wiz Says:

    There will be a need for petroleum engineers for the next few hundred years at least. You get a job by getting a degree in Petroleum Engineering and applying for a job, like everyone else.