How to keep our house warm with out using so much natural gas?

We rent a older house and there is newer windows through out the whole house. I don’t know where else we would be loosing the hot air so fast and I know the price of the gas is going up. will it help to put plastic on the windows any way? or is there any other ideas of what I can do to save money for heat with out frezzing . and It may sound dumb but If I turn up the heat on a higher temp and it heats the house up will that help keep the furance from kicking in more often.sometimes with these older houses you never know what to do. to keep them warm.

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  1. Mark N Says:

    I know you are renting but check the insulation in the attic and if there is not enough split the cost with the landlord and blow cellulose in the attic it is an easy diy project. The higher you set the thermostat the more the furnace will run and the more money it will cost.

  2. MSsucks Says:

    Have the owner of the house get the furnace cleaned and inspected. The filter will also need to be changed. These are things that should be done yearly and improve the efficiency (cost to run) of the furnace.

    Plastic on the windows does help as it cuts out drafts if there are any. You could also close off rooms and the vents to rooms that aren’t used. Put those little long stuffed things on the bottoms of doors to also keep out drafts. And last but not least, dress more warmly and drop the temperature a degree or two.

    Oh, and you could also install a programmable thermostat, which you can program to keep the house cooler when you aren’t at home (like work and school hours) and warm the place back up before you get home. I’m a not very handy girl, and I installed one in my last house. The one I got was even programmable to make the heating schedule different for the weekend. I think it cost about $30. I’m sure I saved that in the first month.

    good luck

  3. extex_cop Says:

    On a cold day…put your hand down near electrical plugs on the outer walls…if it feels cold there…chances are you are loosing heat out the wall plugs. You can buy insulation covers that go in behind plug plate…real easy to pull off cover..put in insulation pad…put cover back on. Also check to make sure doors have good seals and are closed good.

  4. Glenn B Says:

    One thing that I do in our house in the winter, is always keep the fan on the furnace running and moving air. Putting plastic on newer windows will not give you any noticable heat gain. The other suggestions about outlets, doors and attic are good ideas. close off rooms that you are not using and find a way to block those vents in those rooms.

  5. stuffingfun07 Says:

    We had an older home too. Sometimes there’s no insulation in the walls! Putting plastic on the windows would probley help. If you have insulation in the walls, I don’t know where you could losing heat either!

  6. analize2much Says:

    All good ideas. I will just add a few things. You can get an energy consultant to come and find the leaky areas. Doors are a huge loss of heat if they dont fit or close tightly.

    I might suggest getting some black plastic sheeting to absorb the direct sunlight on the inside of the windows.North facing window do not apply of course. This will help hold the heat lost to white shades or light colored curtains that reflect light back out.

    Make sure all ceiling penetrations by light boxes, exhaust fans, etc. are all well covered by insulation in the attic.

    You could get a small space heater to help if the electricity is a cheaper option. I only recommend one that you can keep an eye on and is on a circuit that doesnt have anything else running off it. This may not stop the furnace from running but will slow it down some.

    We would also use blankets over doors that arent used. Blankets are excellent insulation you know.