How to make balms using petroleum jelly?

can you make balms with just petroleum jelly and some oils (without the beeswax)? if it was possible, what’s the ratio of the ingredients?

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  1. Rev. Two Bears Says:

    I used to make ointments with petroleum jelly.

    First I condensed the healing properties of herbs into a liquid to prevent mold; then I placed a few drops of the liquid herbal concentrate in a container of petroleum jelly and blended; and they ointments worked excelent.

    I used to condence about 5 pounds of herbs into 4 OZs of liquid.

    If you have the actual herbs where you have to heat the base material; I don;t think petroleum jelly would re-jell; and since petroleum jelly is made from petroleum; it may be dangerous to heat the base. You could always use lard or vegetable shortening for the base.

    To make an ointment with fresh or dried herbs; you would start with 1 cup pg lard or vegetable shortening or lard, and 1/4th cup pf the herbs.

    Put both the herbs and the base in a pan and heat until the base material melts, and keep applying heat until the herbs turn brown or black. Filter the herbs out of the base and discard, pour the base material into a container and set in the refrigerator. and allow the base to set.

    I never use beeswax; so I can’t tell you the proportions for beeswax.

    The ointment I made had three herbs Calendula oficinalis, Plantago Major, and antirrhinum linaria.

  2. ms.kissel Says:

    I have made many effective aromatherapy balms using aloe vera gel my instincts steer me away from petroleum products as they seem to be harsher for the skin and some people have allergies to petroleum products .. i cannot use beeswax myself !! lol !!!good luck

  3. åߪõ£úţέ мåŷá Says:

    Good answers guys, good answers I gave all three of you thumbs up.