How to recognize official lies…?

According to today’s economic report, inflation has eased.

Among points made:

The unchanged reading for energy reflected a big 4.8 percent jump in natural gas prices, offset by a 2 percent decline in gasoline costs.

Well actually, the cost of gasoline has not gone down anywhere.

So, um… what’s the agenda.

How long till ten dollar a loaf bread?

I give it six months.
Rex–the subject is inflation and its impact on people. To reveal that the cost of gas has gone down on the wholesale level but continues to rise on the retail side makes my point abundantly clear.

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f you caretaker. And you mispelled reagan.
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3 Responses to “How to recognize official lies…?”

  1. devotee Says:

    How about waging a couple of wars more to keep inflation and growth in tandem!!!;_)))
    I agree that the spin-masters’ lies are not only getting boring but irritating as well! They need to hire some better scriptwriters to distort the data and make it more presentable.

  2. Nikodemos Rex Says:

    "Well actually, the cost of gasoline has not gone down anywhere."

    The term "gasoline costs" in the economic report does not directly relate to the price you pay per gallon at your locale gas station.

  3. Caretaker Says:

    Do you always quote things without source or reference. I’ve noticed you have great agenda of info but never provide a source to substantiate it. Your Regan quote was what made me wonder.

    Now I see you say, inflation has eased. I’ve never heard of an inflation during a recession. Are you keeping up with your Meds?