How to reverse deportation?

my husband,( now ex)came here with his parents from Canada at age 3. He had a resident green card.After several arrest, all non violent alcohol related, he was deported back to Canada.Being a land owner,taxpayer, married to an American and having 3 children here, is it right that they could do this to him? Or to us? How can appeal?

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  1. Raelyn Says:

    Only citizens have a lifelong right to live in the US. Legal residents can lose their green card and be deported as your husband found out. Owing a home, paying taxes, having a job and a US citizen wife and children do not confer immunity from the consequences of breaking the law. Though your husband’s crimes were non-violent, they did threaten public safety. Drunk driving is a serious crime because of the potential to injure or kill innocent people. If you and the children want to be together with the husband, you can either hire a lawyer to file an appeal or you can immigrate to Canada and live there. Luckily for you, your husband is a citizen of our neighbor who shares our language and our standard of living.

  2. CY Says:

    Yes, they can….do a google search. Get an attorney

  3. Truth Dealer Says:

    Having his papers (green card) is in no way a guarantee that anyone can continue to live in the US. Do the slightest thing wrong, and it’s bye bye. Until a person becomes a citizen, they are subject to deportation. Owning property, having a wife and children, will not help him in any way shape, form or fashion. See, the US likes to think it is part of the 21st century, when in reality it isn’t. Basic human rights mean nothing in the US. The US government does not blink an eye when faced with separating a family, a legal one even.
    You can try getting an attorney and fighting for his return. But in all honesty it would be a wasted effort. You would be better off spending the money on your immigration to Canada.

  4. Vince Says:

    A repeat DUI offender can be deported.

    Talk to an immigration attorney here:

  5. chmacqueen Says:

    There is no appeal available that he could win realistically at least not in the current political heat from mass amounts of illegal immigration. Maybe if our southern border wasn’t being mass invaded by Mexicans it would be different but its how it is. Best you could do is file for a spousal visa and be honest with USCIS and have him enter legally. Process should take about 10-12 months and be far cheaper then fighting in court and lawyer fee’s.

    Now I understand your situation but you also have to consider some 18-20 million illegal aliens residing in the US illegally and 1.2 million entering a year illegally. Yes the administration says its closer to 12 million but they even admit they have no records to back up the claim and say its a guesstimate. Then also considering all the Citizens who have no other country who have been kicked aside by illegal aliens in school, jobs, and even our language they all are getting treated the same as we are a country set on the rule of law and supposedly no favoritism.

  6. workingman Says:

    Of course they can. Depends on how long he is deported for, you can probably apply for him to come back in between 3 and 10 years.

    Lots of married men in jail!

  7. Jan Says:

    Yes it is right. He was given permission to live here and he thanked us by committing several crimes. Any green card holder convicted of a crime can have their green card revoked and be deported back to their country.
    "They" didn’t do anything to your family. He did when he chose to break the law.

  8. Uncle Says:

    They certainly can and certainly do every day
    enough drunks in the US without importing more

    appeal what are no longer married