How would drilling lower gas prices now, when it will take 7-10 years for these sites to come online?

If these drilling sites won’t come online for 7-10 years and by that time, China and India will have over 100 million more cars on the road….so…how exactly would this lower prices?? So basically, the republicans don’t have a solution to current gas prices. The democrats have a solution….CONSUME LESS. Being only 3% of the world population, does America really need to conume over 25% of the worlds oil resources??? Hey, I have an idea…do you really need to drive that truck around, with you being the only person in the vehicle and not having any cargo to lug around? Hey, trade it in for a car! Same goes for SUV drivers. with over 50% of America being obese and overweight, it will do you good to walk or ride a bike to work. If you live far away, then move closer.

Stop whining about gas prices and get some exercise tubby.
You drilling advocate’s still can’t give me a straight answer.

First, ANWR would meet only 2% of our oil needs (raising average automotive efficiency by 1 mile a gallon will meet this demand), second, oil companies already have land which has plenty of oil waiting to be extracted (if there is no oil on these lands, then why did oil companies buy them in the first place?? lol), third, blaming Bill Clinton won’t bring oil prices down, fourth, stop listening to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, do your own research instead of depending on corporate puppets for all your information! Read a book once in awhile, it won’t hurt.

But of course, educating yourself might turn you into a "liberal"….so I might as well be speaking to a brick wall.

11 Responses to “How would drilling lower gas prices now, when it will take 7-10 years for these sites to come online?”

  1. ruttster Says:

    Go to this website and sign this petition!
    You will look back on this day and realize that YOU decided the presidency in 2008. McCain almost pooped his pants when he found out how many Americans want us to be less dependent on foreign oil. Almost 1.5 million signatures!!! That is what changed his mind about drilling. Mark my words, this petition WILL decide who becomes our next president. And I will be proud to say that I played my part and so can you.
    God Bless this country.

  2. kysersozeus Says:

    Just agreeing to drill would deflate the speculators.

  3. wtfdubbya Says:

    Because it wont!
    This is another distraction giving the false choices to stupid Americans!

  4. IndianaJohn Says:

    It won’t. It’s just another boondoggle for the oil companies.


    i wont but it will keep the price from going nuts in the future
    so, ahh, ya see, if carter, umm, would have, umm, allowed drilling in, ahh, 1976 OR clinton in, umm, 1995, err, we would have lower, umm, prices today..hope & change, yes we can

  6. magicalnegro Says:

    I agree we have to stop the speculators and move onto another fuel source but for the time being we need to become self sufficient with our own oil supply . Let the drilling begin!

  7. hacker_67_39_177_230 Says:

    I got a better question,

    How come they are not drilling in the 1,000,000 acres they ALREADY have oil rights too?

    When are they going to drill on the land they already have?

  8. Greg Says:

    If drilling were the answer to price speculation (and it is not), then there are 68million acres we have already leased for drilling that have yet to see a well drilled.

    It’s like the Iraq war–they are making crap up again and not telling you what they are trying to do. They are trying to lease more public land that will not see a single well drilled because oil companies haven’t drilled easier fields yet, and the companies who get those leases for 3 bucks a year per acre will use it to boost there estimated reserves and drive up their stock price, but they have either no capacity or no intention of drilling it soon because they have too much they can drill on already.

  9. Keith S Says:

    the liberals and the tree huggers have been lying for years and they are lying now ! wake up.

  10. T S Says:

    Hey Hacker 6, there’s no oil there, thats why they dont drill there genius.

  11. dinymok Says:

    What a silly question.

    Go back and read it over.

    Clinton Vetoed Drilling in Anwr in 1996—-


    "Too Long", Billy said.

    And…. I’ll bet you don’t drive to work, eh?
    Don’t have a job, eh?