I am against drilling for oil in the U.S., offshore drilling and oil shale mining, Where can I protest?

I urge everybody to write or e mail their Congressmen to say you’re against any additional oil drilling in the U.S.
If we would start drilling now it would take 10 years before we would see any oil, and its such a small amount that it would only lower the price of gas by 1 penny, and it would ruin the enviroment and increase global warming
travis? We need to get off of oil, and the only way we can is to have an oil shortage and raise the price.
Nobody is going to work hard and find a better, cleaner, reusable energy source when we have cheap oil.
We should have done that in the 70’s
the only reason I have a government job is because i’m an enviromentalist

10 Responses to “I am against drilling for oil in the U.S., offshore drilling and oil shale mining, Where can I protest?”

  1. Paola Says:

    We can’t drill our way out of the energy crisis. Drilling will only cause prices to go down about a nickel over the next decade at the best. It’s not going to have huge longterm effects except on the environment. Even if the US drilled all over the country we’d only have 2-3% of the needed national supply. We can’t depend on oil. We have to find alternative sources of energy.

  2. Freddy Says:

    I’m not sure, but I think this is considered spam… better delete it before someone reports you.

  3. livin the dream Says:

    are you using gas in your home or gas in your vehicle? If so, I would start there. In addition, I am trying to get as many people to quit using Exxon Mobil Texaco and all of the gas chains. If you have to get gas, use Chevron

  4. Mustanger Says:

    Try going to Saudi Arabia and complaining. I’m sure they would listen to you.

  5. travis b Says:

    So your against helping our ecomony, and the creation of jobas that turn into careers and help fuel this country?..freakin commi…Heres a bit of wisdom from a 24 year old Texan..The enviorment is already ruined and global warming is here to stay. If you want to care about the Earth then everyone should gave gone green 50 years ago..or everyone quit having kids and increasing the population. This country can not survive without deisel trucks and big heavy equipment, and with the recession we are in now( your kidding yourself if you think we aren’t) we need to depend on deisels even if it cost almost 6 dollars a gallon for something that was cheaper then gas for years. Youre entitled your own opinon but im just saying your going to be in the minority here.

  6. georgia_ramnation Says:

    I’m missing the drilling for oil increasing global warming thing???? First, we have plenty of oil platforms in the gulf already drilled and capped. It would take a week to get oil out of them. Second, if you don’t pump oil out of the ground, eventually it bubbles out on its own. Third, if we don’t pump it, China will very very soon. Fourth, it is estimated that the US sits on as much oil as Saudi Arabia. And last but not least, global warming is a cylical event that would happen if we humans did not even exist. It’s not the first time you know.

  7. Eskimo Mom Says:

    Too late!! I have already signed the online petition for Americansolutions.com drill here, drill now. We have put off becoming energy independent for too long. Responsible energy companies clean up after themselves & if they don’t, they pay a hefty price. If we don’t develop our own resources now, we will be left in the cold & dark. We are a resourceful nation, so some areas may not come online for 10yrs, but others could be 18months. It’s a start!!

    If you want to protest, start with Senator Ted Kennedy who doesn’t want his view of Nantucket blocked by wind turbines. Go after the environmentalists & others who block any type of green energy development because the fear of extinction for a plant or animal. (Check the caribou population near the Alaskan pipeline. It has exploded since they have heat) Ask Congress & the President to cut through the bureaucracy, so any new energy project takes months, not decades. Blame Bill Clinton & Al Gore for not developing an energy policy yrs ago. Also, blame these same people for "doing as I say, not as I do." Some say they are "green," yet they still drive SUV’s, live in large, heated/air conditioned mansions, & fly in private aircraft to charity functions. Also, blame the greens who live in the larger cities. They don’t realize that without energy, they won’t have anything, such as food, lights, heat, etc.

    We rely on oil for much of our existance. The plastics you have in your home came from oil. The food in your pantry was delivered to the grocery store by truck which burns diesel. Much of your electricity comes from the burning of coal, oil, or natural gas. Bring global warming on. If it will happen, it will be when your children have children, & climatology is not an accurate science, since we only have limited data (within last 125yrs & even less in the Antarctic & other remote areas of the world)

  8. gomanyes Says:

    Just vote for Obama and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

    For now, I’m sure Democrats in Congress will kill it.

  9. G T Says:

    Your best protest would be to STOP USING GAS. That will get their attention. Please urge all your "Gorebal Warming" friends to also stop buying gas. What we need is for enough whinning granole eating tree huggers to stop buying gas, then gas will drop in price. Stop complaining, set an example – stop using fossil fuels! Buy a bicycle, or a horse, or walk, don’t use public transportation because they are using fuel and this contributes negatively to your belief.

    By the way, I just sent a bunch of Faxes to politicians to vote FOR more drilling!!!!!!

  10. asdfasdf Says:

    I’m looking for the answer to the same question. If Israel can do it, so can the US.