I am sometimes a two or three days late making my land contract payment. Can they carrier somehow add fees?

I org. bought home for 0,000.00 Gave owner ,000.00 down & paid monthly ,200.00. Then gave them something like ,000.00 & now my payments are 0.00 per month for the next few years. In the last year or so I have sometimes been late & when I say late I mean like 2 or 3 days late NEVER more then that. Infact I honestly think the most I have been late is 2 days, but I’m saying 3 for good measure. I have had a very difficult time making the payment in the last year due to unforseen issues. But anyway, my concern is if she can add on any additoinal fees or anything at all to the land contract. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing in our contract about late payments (if you consider 1 or 2 days late).I know there is usually a grace period with banks & credit card companies of a few days. She usually calls me the day "of" if she does not get the payment in the mail. And like I said I have never been late more the 2 days & this has only started to happen in the last year & only a couple of times. But every month I have a hard time making it & sometimes that extra day matters & I need it. I just want to be sure she can legally add on anything to the end of my "loan" with her in a few years. If she wanted to somehow start a late penality or something like that she would need to make a contract with me again, right? With both of us signing it write? Any info would be appreciated!
Wow..I sure messed up my spelling in that question. It just frustrates me because it seems like after giving her all the money I have over the last 4 or 5 years that she would not jump down my throat the very second she didn’t get the payment. I have always paid & I always will, sometimes I just need an extra day or two.

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  1. SoccerRefToo Says:


    If it says nothing about late fees, you should be o.k. Do try to keep it at that level, and he ill be a happy camper. You can contact him re: your payments. Are you paying P+I… is so he should be giving you annual accounting for your tax reporting!


  2. laughter_every_day Says:

    She cannot enforce a late fee unless you agreed to it. However, she can cancel the contract and take the land any time you are one second late.