I feel helpless Bush is allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic & kill polar bears – can I do anything?

From an article:

The Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations this week providing legal protection to seven oil companies planning to search for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off the northwestern coast of Alaska.

Polar bears or Pacific walruses will be severely harmed by the activities of the oil companies over the next five years.

About 2,500 of the 20,000 polar bears in the Arctic live in and around the Chukchi Sea. The Bush Administration gave the oil companies a blank check to harass these polar bear and eventually wipe them out from the earth.

Can I do anything to help? I feel so sad about this.

22 Responses to “I feel helpless Bush is allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic & kill polar bears – can I do anything?”

  1. Toxic Says:

    LOL Libs screamed the same thing about the Caribou. They also said the Caribou population would die off because of drilling. The exact opposite happened because the pipelines gave them warm places to sleep and the population grew. Relax. You’ll give yourself a stroke.

    We need to drill more

  2. mommyismyname Says:

    You could pay everyone’s high gas bills. Then we’ll stop looking for alternatives….

  3. Jim42 Says:

    Yes, go tell your mommy!

  4. boss Says:

    sad too say but never ever because big government will do wat they want when they want!!

  5. Green Pagan SORD JPAS Says:

    You can write to your Senators and House Reps to let them know that you are AGAINST Arctic Drilling and Alaskan drilling…

    If that doesn’t help as much as you want it to… you can always do it the old fashioned way and take to the street with a protest sign.

  6. Rhomp Says:

    Oh no Polar bears! what will we ever do without them?

    Listen we need Oil. Sorry but if it saves me 1$ every time i fill up the pump the polar bears can die out for all i care.

    See them at the Zoo if you care so much.

  7. Jamie S Says:

    Never vote for a republican again. They are usually anti-environmental, and anti-people.

  8. Stop Ranting Says:

    Polar bear populations have gone up considerably since we have been drilling in Alaska. Check your facts, don’t drink the koolaid.

    Did you know the spotted owl is thriving? Of course, after thousands of jobs lost and families and businesses devastated, turns out they thrive in NEW growth forests. Don’t be a patsy. Get your information from reliable sources. The founder of Greenpeace says the whole environmental movement today is a farce!

  9. Just Win Baby Says:

    Sounds like the Polar Bears will be riding in style with cheap gasoline and huge Hummers. Lucky bears. I am sure if you feel that bad you can go hug a Polar Bear. They probably would appreciate that. They are also very friendly so don’t be bashful about it. Mother Polar Bears really enjoy it when you go pet their cubs. Enjoy yourself in Alaska.

    Am I missing something or are the oil company executives up on these rigs with sniper rifles targeting Polar Bears? Wait a minute, that’s Cheney and he is actually targeting Ducks but some shots may go astray. Get over yourself please.

  10. Smoove B Says:

    Greenpeace is already mobilized to save the polar bears. Saddle up!

  11. freepress s Says:

    I think you wrong about the details of such and we Americans need the oil as well as the bears so strike a deal!!!!

  12. slobendz Says:

    First, Grow up.

    There has never been an incident where a polar bear died because of contact with the oil industry.

    Second, they face sever penalties and are required to work with the fish and game administration to plan ways to do this with the least amount of contact possible.

  13. Quinn22 Says:

    Yes, I would recommend a lobotomy. People are starving, being killed, planning terrorist attacks, developing WMD’s, children being neglected and abused, slavery going on around the world, and you are stupid enough to worry about this? They said the exact same thing about the caribou and the Alaskan pipeline, the spotted owl, etc. ALL LIES……..

    Try getting your priorities straight and grow up………..

  14. Billi Jo Says:

    Yeah, go live with the freakin’ polar bears in the Alaska! It’s stupid bitches like you that hold this country back! If we drilled our land like we should OUR freakin’ gas prices wouldn’t be so F’N high! Why don’t you figure out how to help the homeless or orphan children! You want to save a freakin’ polar bear: Donate to your nearest Zoo!

  15. Jay S Says:

    You need to seek professional help. Soon. Polar bears will take care of themselves.

  16. trace Says:

    yes. you could convince everyone in the united states to quit driving their cars. forever. that would do it. otherwise, get over the exaggerated lies the left is selling you and come to grips with the fact that the polar bears will be just fine. research modern drilling techniques and calm yourself down. deep breath.

  17. catmaninmo Says:

    you can stop using any kind of energy, breathing air, drinking water and flushing your crap for someone else to clean up

  18. ram456456 Says:

    Drill, Drill, Drill is not about Carbous and Tundra its about truckers going under, people being laid off, factories idling. Means Drill for oil, and explore the treehungers cannot stop progress to make the middle and working class suffer. Al Gore refused to debate Mr. Pavel on global warming hmmm.

  19. Get Lost.... In A Good Book Says:

    We need the oil, yesterday. Nobody is going to harm the polar bears.

    I hate to break it to you , but most people, including me, put humans above animals. Sorry if you don’t like that, I can’t help you there.

    It seems beyond stupid to me to see our whole country crippled to save a polar bear who isn’t even in any danger and isn’t going to be in any danger if we drill.

    Some people need to get their priorities straight, humans come before animals.

  20. ohbrother Says:

    Watch the Animal Planet or National Geo. They show the big 4×4 buses that take people from Churchill Alaska out to visit the Polar Bears. The bears stand on their hind legs and look into the windows at the people. They don’t seem to be too bothered by them. What about the whales, Beluga and any other species that the Alaskan natives are allowed to kill. Remember a few years ago when they killed a humpback. These same people have a 7-11 and a grocery store on their land. I would think the people have more to fear from the bears than do the bears from the people. I have seen a couple specials on Polar Bears that show them walking on the pipe line. It did not affect them. They like the warmth.

  21. Mephisto Says:

    show me a dead bear killed by a rig and I’ll show you the death of aquarian life by ships – 2 differrent animals. Better yet, I’ll show you Burlington Coat killing animals by the hundreds to produce coats.
    Or is it better to kill people for oil…

  22. Candy S Says:

    Do you know that the polar bears are not endangered, just political footballs? Some estimates of the global population are around 5,000–10,000 in the early 1970s. Current estimates put the global population at between 20,000 and 25,000. Their populations have grown since we have been drilling in Alaska. If the reduction in ice caps was threatening them, then why have their populations risen.

    What proof do you have that they will be severely harmed? Why are they thriving in Canada, Russia and Norway where they are drilling? Greenland and Canada allows recreational hunting of the bears and we allow the Inuit to hunt them, should we abolish their culture so you will "feel" better?

    The oil companies have a blank check to harass and wipe out the bears? What is your source? The Chukchi shelf is believed to hold oil and gas reserves as high as 30 billion barrels. Several oil companies have competed for leases on the area, and on February 6, 2008, the U.S. government announced that the successful bidders would pay $2.6 billion for extraction rights.

    You can use your brain and not your emotions to make decisions. Have you ever even seen an oil well? You must be one of those people who believe the planet is for animals and not people and think the price of gas should go higher to "protect the little animals."