I hope you liberal loons love it when all this kicks in.?

advocacy for draconian carbon dioxide regulations such as the cap and trade scheme detailed in the House-passed “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009.” To Warming enthusiasts the .4 trillion reduction in aggregate GDP, the loss of another 2.5 million jobs, and increase in inflation-adjusted electricity prices by 90 percent, gasoline prices by 58 percent, and residential natural gas prices by 55 percent, all estimated to occur within the first 24 years under such a cap and trade scheme,

6 Responses to “I hope you liberal loons love it when all this kicks in.?”

  1. Preston L Says:

    1. The bill has only passed in the House. The Senate has not voted on it yet. If the Senate approves it, then they’ll need a conference committe and lots of feet dragging will take place. In other words, the bill is a long way from being law and is likely to change a lot if it does become law.

    2. The CBO and the conservative Heritage Foundation have analyzed the bill and didn’t reach the dire conclusions that you did. Yes, some costs will go up if the bill passes in it’s current form but even the Heritage Foundation didn’t find it to be a very costly bill.

    I’m a moderate. Neither far left nor far right. But the way you describe the bill seems to be typical of far right wingers. Distort the truth and try to convince people the end is near. Even right wing groups are not claiming the bill will be a catastrophic as you’re claiming. I think you need to do some more homework to fully understand the bill.

    P.S. I’m against the bill myself. Until China and India agree to some cuts of their own, I don’t think the US should be cutting anything. Either we have a global effort or no effort at all.

  2. Gerald Says:

    source? 58% on gasoline would still be below the 4.50 a gallon under bush.

  3. future Says:

    I love this Fox News talking point use of the words "kicks in" on every issue.
    But Cap and Trade is estimated to cost the average family $47 dollars PER YEAR!!!
    I don’t know where you are getting these ridiculous numbers from.

  4. Contard H. Moshiach Says:

    I’m kept awake by this one thought: "What if we create a better world for no good reason?"

  5. sociald Says:

    ""source? 58% on gasoline would still be below the 4.50 a gallon under bush.""

    No gas prices remained reasonablly low until congress became controlled by democrats. thats when it spiked quickly. look it up.

  6. Iwalkeverywhere Says:

    I will.