i know it comes from crude oil but is gasoline a byproduct of diesel fuel?

i know gasoline & diesel are byproducts of crude oil. the question is diesel fuel a byproduct of gasoline.

3 Responses to “i know it comes from crude oil but is gasoline a byproduct of diesel fuel?”

  1. Dietrich W Says:

    No, crude oil undergoes distillation first where one gets two fractions. One contains gasoline( and C4-C6 compounds including the aromats ) ant the other contains diesel ( and long chained aliphats, tar and condensed aromats )

  2. Simon M Says:

    It’s not a byproduct as such, it is simply a different "fraction".

    A very simplified explanation is: Crude is a mixture of many different types of molecules, from very light ones (gasses) to very heavy ones (bitumen and very heavy thick oils). What oil refineries do is separate out the different fractions using distillation, they then take each of these fractions and do other things to them (clean them up, chemically react them with other things, do further refining and distillation, improve their colour etc etc).

    Diesel fuel and gasoline (petrol) are both hydrocarbons, but they are of different molecular weights and different molecular compositions, and they separate out from crude at different temperatures.

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