I lease a large farm and need a no trespass order served on a neighbor who is suspected of harming my horses,?

the land owner who I lease from retains rights to a 10 acre parcel that abuts my leased horse pastures and allows the creeps on there as they claim they are innocent, until I catch them anyway. What are my rights? Im in York County SC. In the past 5 years Ive had horses shot, poisoned, cut with knives and two of them have lost eyes.All in the pasture that abuts the creeps. Previous renter here swore that these creeps abused his horses as he kept them on the 10 acre parcel that abuts my leased parcel. What can I do legally? My vet says these things are hard to prove unless you see it happen. Thanks for the advice,Tom
Yes there are teenagers there, dont think it the mom or dad , they have separated and gotten back together many times, the main suspect is an 18-20yr old male.
It takes awhile to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together. Accident here accident there over the years, looking back now it all fits. We have 52 horses and a lease that I would have to break . We thought originally to lease here until our home in a neighboring city sold and then we were going to buy a suitable place, but the real estate market changed all that.I would love to move but it is difficult to find a suitable farm that we can lease to own until our city property sells. And the horse market is not too hot right now either, we’ve had several years of drought which adds considerably to the expense as we have had to hay the horses since Aug and had it been a normal precip year we would only have to hay a few months in winter.

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  1. Simpson G Says:

    Your vet is correct. A "no trespass order" isn’t going to stop anyone from doing anything since these folks know that they won’t get caught. If they could get caught, you would have prosecuted and sued long ago.

    I’d try to get some sort of weather proof camera system and catch them in the act. The problem is that they will need to be clearly identifiable to get a conviction. I might contact some animal welfare groups to see if they would be willing to lend video equipment and set up a sting. If you document the torture that your animals have endured at the hands of these neighbors, they may be wiling to help.

    Short of putting up 8ft electrical fencing with barbed wire and standing out there with a shotgun and shooting them on site, I’m not sure that there are more great options. Guard dogs are expensive and since the neighbors have no problem shooting pets, they’ll have no problem taking out a dog.

    Do you have a barn? Perhaps you need to keep the horses inside at night, if the nighttime is when most of these things are taking place.

    Edit: Actually, the first time that one of my horses was injured, I would have picked up and moved. Why are you staying there and allowing these horses to be continually abused?

  2. THE Cupid HATER Says:

    You need to consult with a lawyer about this problem.

  3. justwondering Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. There was a rancher around here that was sure someone was shooting his livestock. Turned out the multiple puncture wounds were from a young mountain lion that was having a good time over hunting – and that was discovered because the rancher installed a camera system. You might consider the same. Whenever you have a person abusing animals you will find that they are either a child who lives in an abusive home or some one who also abuses and bullies others. Some one in your area knows a child or an adult that fits this description – or perhaps a small group of nasty teens.