I need help with a piano audition!!!!?

I have a list of songs that I can play.Its for a high school magnet school (performing arts)
Fur Elise
Sonata op.13 "Pathetique" 2nd mov.
Frohlicher Landman
Serenade from "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
Libestraume no.3
I taught myself to play piano four years ago.So which one is best to play?
Im looking for something happy , but beautiful….

One Response to “I need help with a piano audition!!!!?”

  1. fladabosco Says:

    The best thing to play for an audition is something that shows off your abilities. It shouldn’t be so hard you can’t play it if you are in front of somebody or so easy that is seems like you are auditioning with ‘chopsticks’ but it’s better to nail chopsticks than to destroy Fur Elise.

    You also should play whatever song you choose in front of anyone who will listen so you get used to playing for people. That way the audition won’t seem so foreign to you.

    Good luck!