i need help with US History please? will give points and rate :)?

4. Who made up the majority of landowners in the colonial South?
A) Indentured servants
B) Tobacco plantation owners
C) Cotton plantation owners
D) Small inland farmers
5. What industry brought the most prosperity to the New England society?
A) Corn crops
B) Manufacturing
C) Fishing and whaling
D) Tobacco
6. Plantations served as self-contained communities and contained all of the following EXCEPT
A) school.
B) a bank.
C) a chapel.
D) workshops.
7. Society in the South was centered on plantations, but society in New England was centered on what?
A) On the towns
B) On small inland farms
C) The central church
D) Living in harmony with the Native Americans
8. Who was at the top of the social structure in the new urban society of the Northern colonies?
A) Wealthy merchants
B) Small business owners
C) Wheat farmers
D) Boat owners
9. The “backcountry” farmers worked small plots of land that
A) produced enough to enjoy economic and political influence.
B) produced only enough to feed their families.
C) produced enough to feed their local communities.
D) produced enough to enjoy a high social status.
10. What was the major factor for rapid growth in the American colonies?
A) High birth rate
B) More land to farm
C) The increase of crop output
D) Access to better drinking water
11. Colonial America’s population grew because of immigration and what other factor?
A) Better medications
B) More food for everyone
C) Friendships with the Native Americans
D) Import of African slaves
12. How did the arrival of Africans in the colonies affect the laws concerning slavery?
A) They were revised to grant them their freedom if they converted to Christianity.
B) Laws were changed to recognize slavery and turn it into a heredity system based on race.
C) The laws governing indentured servitude were applied to slavery.
D) The laws governing women in the colonies were applied to the Africans replacing husband with owner.
13. As a result of Africans arriving in the colonies, a slave code was created that
A) defined the relationship between an enslaved person and a free person.
B) established a code of conduct for enslaved people.
C) provided an enslaved person with a lower status than an indentured servant.
D) allowed enslaved persons to assemble to practice freedom of religion.
14. What Enlightenment ideas proposed by John Locke became core beliefs in the English colonies?
A) Education could make people better.
B) People were born sinful but could erase their sins through education.
C) People have rights and society can be improved.
D) The laws of nature apply to politics and society.
15. What two issues helped with the population growth in the colonial cities?
A) Available land and water
B) Improved housing and sanitation
C) More food and products to buy
D) More jobs and shorter work days
16. What Enlightenment idea proposed by Baron Montesquie influenced the colony leaders that drafted the United Stated Constitution?
A) The laws that govern nature should be applied to govern politics and society.
B) Government should be formed with the consent of the people.
C) The people need to construct their own laws.
D) Political power should be separated into three branches to protect people’s liberty.
17. What was one result of the Great Awakening in the colonies?
A) People realized that they had the power to make social changes.
B) New churches were created based on new ideas, separating from traditional churches.
C) People could change political policies by holding revivals for the common people.
D) Government could be held under a form of checks limiting its ability to impose unfavorable laws.

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