I need to get this call out for a Rally on Parliament house in Sydney, who knows the best way?

The Rally is in less than two weeks, and the media don’t like to make trouble for Government, so is there a way to make this call go viral?
Here is the message

"Rally to Defend Your Castle!
Home owners may not realize that there is a tsunami of new legislation heading their way, and that "All" private homes in the State are scheduled to be rezoned after this coming election!
On the 15th of march there is a Rally being organized to defend homes across the State from removal of basic rights. At first the only people who’s rights were attacked were farmers. With legislation like the native vegetation ACT. But now even ordinary home owners in urban areas are being ambushed with new legislation, and their rights eroded.
For example, even your right to appeal to the courts is under attack. With the time for lodging appeals against council refusals to be reduced, from One Year, to just 3 months. (which for most will be almost impossible).
Many will be loosing their entire zoning rights, by being rezoned into empty environmental zonings. Others will loose valuable existing rights, like the rights to subdivide, and the majority are slowly being transformed into tenants and caretakers for the Government . No- one will be compensated as our constitution demands!

Another example of the extreme legislation already being used in urban areas, is that the State (or any council) can now compulsory take any ones home, simply for the purpose of on-selling it to developers for a quick profit. They do this by rezoning it after acquisition to a higher density use, so they are basically stealing your capital gains! The State Government have already set up a special unit just to take private homes.

Then there are the new "catch 22" laws like "the precautionary principle". Which is now commonly used to blackmail applicants. The trick is, even if you manage to jump all their hurdles and pass all the environmental studies, they now have a catch all. By merely stating that there "could be" some "unknown" environmental impact they haven’t found, you are now automatically guilty and must now prove your innocence! This of course is nearly impossible, and could cost hundreds of thousands trying? So then they will say that your only alternative is to sign a "voluntary agreement" which will be written on your title deeds and removes most of your basic rights as a land owner.
For Urban and city home owners they are using legislation like the "Coastal Protection Act" and sea level rise policy to force restrictions onto your 149 certificate (like your title deeds). This will allow them to block or blackmail you, when you wish to extend or rebuild in future. etc
On the flip side, while councils and the State Government are busy locking up private lands, and making it as difficult and expensive as possible to meet the worsening housing shortage. They are also rezoning Government and community lands (formally zoned "special use"), such as expansion lands around schools and hospitals, into active zonings like urban residential. To be sold off. Even the Greens are complaining about this!
But what the greens haven’t mentioned publicly is that a lot of this land is also being exempted from the same environmental zonings which others in the same areas are having forced on them.

The Rally is being organised by people on the "Just Grounds Community" website.
It is to be held at 12 o’clock on the 15th march, at the State Parliament building no 6 Macquarie St Sydney. Near the eastern end of Martin Place.
All are welcome!"
Yes I know about facebook,but I cant post all that on facebook. There is a 1000 character limit.
But yes I will try that. How do I get the message on twitter.

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  1. livestium Says:

    Facebook has been used to arrange uprisings or have you not been paying attention to the news.