I own 10 acres with mineral rights in the Texas Panhandle . There are no wells on the land.?

How can I get someone to survey the land and tell if there is potential to drill for gas or oil? Is 10 acres enough land?

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  1. Joachin Murrieta Says:

    Most but not all of the Texas Panhandle is prospective for oil and gas. Is your land leased to an oil company? Are there any well close by? If not, I’d suggest that your land is not very propsective. Contact a petroleum land man (they are in the phone book) and ask them some questions. Have them do a lease check for your land (this should cast about $125 maybe more). They can tell you if your land is leased and to whom. Lease prices are any where from $10 to several hundred $$/ acre depending on location.

  2. Emily C Says:

    10 acres should be enough. You might want to check with Texas state law just to be safe, as well as any local zoning laws. In fact all you need is enough land in which to place an oil derrick. In fact, somebody in Indiana put an oil derrick in thier back yard.

    Let’s just hope that there is some oil on your property

  3. Turbidite Says:

    The Railroad Commission of Texas has a GIS site to locate oil and gas wells. Take a look at the site to see if any have been drilled on or near your land. If there are several fields nearby then you may be in a location between the oil and gas reserviours. Most locations are not in oil fields.

    I havn’t worked in the oil industury for over 20 years, but I suppose that the ratio of dry holes to discoveries for wildcatting oil wells hasn’t improved much in that time.

  4. Franz R Says:

    First check to see if there is a lease on your property – just go to the county seat and have a look at your deed – it will tell you if there are any leases attached to your land. Then call up some oil companies – they surely will be interested if they believe there is oil.