i own a trailer on someone elses land. what are my rights?

i own a trailer but it is on someone Else’ss land. we cant move it because it is illegal in nc to move this trailer. wedon’t’t want to live here anymore because they are not doing there LAND lord responsibilities (septic tank, ants, other things like that!) is there anyway i can move and leave the trailer here? or do i have to get it off there land. and what laws (if any) are there about land owners
it is not a dump thanks! it has a cupple problems but no trailer doesnt! and no my landlord is very nice but cheap unfortunatly! and its 5000 to mave the trailer… if we do that then there is no money for us to find somthing else or pay deposits on an appartment!

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  1. alcaholicdemon Says:

    i too own a trailer on somebody Else’s land.and i do hate it.we pay 200 a month and cant even plant a small garden[tennessee].he makes us mow the grass,and when my husbands lawn mower broke down he cussed him like a sailor.we cant move ours either,its just too old.you have a few options.first option is to sell it and let the new owners make some type of arrangement with the land owner.second you can leave it their and the landowner will put a lien on it and probably sell it to someone else.thirdly you could lease it out,unless in your lease it says you cant.good luck to you i know how you feel,at least your landlord isn’t a convicted drug dealer like ours is.[we had no idea when we bought the place]

  2. Quizzard Says:

    You can certainly abandon your trailer.If it’s illegal to move, I assume t’s a dump anyway.

  3. Hydroace Says:

    Your question indicates it’s illegal to move, then adds it’s expensive to move. I find it hard to believe the law won’t allow you to move your personal property, and with that in mind, I’d suggest the following:

    – Spend some time and call around – look for a company that is hungry for business and willing to move your trailer for less. In today’s economy, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting companies to talk to you.
    – Save your pennies and nickels while you’re hunting.
    – Expand your search, call towing companies, and trailer repo companies – who do they use to move trailers?
    – Did I mention saving your money?
    – Expand your search further. Contact companies who drive those escort vehicles for oversize loads on the road – who do they recommend? Do they know anyone in the business who will move it ‘off the books’ or as a shady tree venture (someone competent)?

    Oh yeah – before I forget, start saving money 😉 Good luck!