I think McCain losing 8 points this week is due to Palin’s interviews and town halls, do you agree?

She can’t answer one question intellectually unless it has to do with natural gas, pipelines, and oil drilling …. shes a one subject vp…. Biden is going to kill her in the debates…. she said play stump the candidate, lol she dosen’t answer questions, not even in the soft ball hannity interview she was dodging questions

13 Responses to “I think McCain losing 8 points this week is due to Palin’s interviews and town halls, do you agree?”

  1. Gaspode Says:

    The bimbo bump has played out and the polls are normalizing.
    Once the freak-show quality novelty of the Palin selection wore off, and the media meat pulled their microphones out of their pockets, it became obvious that there was nothing there to vote for though there may be something to prosecute. Even NBC who all but declared her a saint ran o bit on last evening’s news pointing out that just about everything she has said during her brief flash in the pan has been a lie.

    Even after a week of coaching on the questions they knew would be asked (the "deference" they demanded), she couldn’t handle a friendly interview. It was worse than Danforth Quayle.

    I’ll be really surprised if they keep bimbo backhouse barby on the ticket, unless they want McCain to lose, which could be as we are entering the Bush Depression. The campaign promises McCain is now making sound like something out of a first grade kid running for chalk monitor, not somebody who should be president, or senator. It also looks like his years of intense propaganda about himself is starting to unravel. Particularly with the films that have been released over the last few weeks. One shows villagers saving him, pulling him from a lake, after he banged himself up when he crashed hi plane. The other shows his release in Hanoi, and he is in much better condition than he pretended to be a day later when U.S. media types were photographing him.

  2. dadvice1 Says:

    As Bill Clinton said…. It’s the economy stupid.

  3. Chuck_Junior Says:

    No I don’t agree.
    November 4th will tell the tale and is the only "poll" that counts.

  4. clark d Says:

    The word is getting out that she has a lot of baggage and the jump in the polls is over now that people are learning more about her!

  5. comengetitnow Says:

    No doubt. Obama is already pulling ahead in the national polls. Her idiocy in the town halls will accelerate the pace.

  6. victoria_thick_secret Says:

    sure if ppl come to there senses ..i agree biden is going to stump her bad is a crock he like to lead the dumb republican to say what he want them to say

  7. Doc Watson Says:

    Nope. Nor is it due to the fact that she’s a woman.

    It’s all due to the fact that the whole world now knows she has told lie after lie after lie. And each day the whole world watches and waits to see what new lie will surface.

  8. Obama girl Says:

    I agree. She has made a fool of herself and Mccain since she first opened her mouth in the first interview. I can not wait for the debates! She is far from a Harvard Law grad.

  9. annie w Says:

    No, I don’t. He got the bump from the convention. To be honest, Obama should be very far ahead of McCain. This is the year for the Democrats, but sadly Obama "can’t seal the deal". ***

  10. Harry C Says:


  11. happyjar Says:

    I agree. But, also think it has to do with Republican McCain’s blunders about the economy this week.

  12. Joel T Says:

    You know what? She is probably the Lincoln of our time. Notice she is a struggling mother. Her husband has a hard time affording gas. They have struggles. Unlike The Senators we have in congress who seem to have things taken care of with there over inflated salaries. She is more like me has struggles like me and until the VP nomination no one really knew who she was and hopefully if they are elected She will act like the old republican party.

    I relate to her more than McCain and Obama.

    Word to the wise don’t listen to everything the Media forces down your throat.
    Demorcrat = Republican

    it will be more of the same after the elections no matter who is elected. All fullfilling special interest while you and me are up Shit creek with out a paddle.

  13. rob s Says:

    Yes definitely. actually saw McCain biting his lip this morning at one town hall meeting while Palin answered a question. He could not wait to add comment and change subject to her playing point guard on state championship basketball team in high school. She has not been programmed long enough to talk