I wanna complete my master degree in petroleum engineering in USA?

I am from Egypt, and I graduated this summer as a petroleum engineer from cairo university. My dream is to complete my high studies in the states but i have no money to afford studying there.

4 Responses to “I wanna complete my master degree in petroleum engineering in USA?”

  1. PE2008 Says:

    There are two types of Master’s degrees in Engineering.
    One is "professional" (often titled MEng). The other is "research"-oriented (often titled MS).
    The professional degrees are often expensive and scholarship assistance is very limited.
    The research degrees do give scholarships but entrance to research degrees is very competitive.
    Unless you were an outstanding student in Egypt, you are unlikely to obtain a scholarship.

    You can enhance your chances by passing the EIT/FE exam.

  2. eri Says:

    It’s expensive, and most masters programs are not free (some PhD programs are if you can get an assistantship). You’ll have to apply for scholarships if you want to study here.

  3. Cherry KoolAid Says:

    If you have no money, then you need to give up on your dream.
    Students wanting to attend college/univeristy in the U.S. need to obtain a "student visa," and by applying for it they need to show proof they have the funding/money to be able to pay for their studies and living expenses on their own.

  4. RoaringMice Says:

    What the first two posters said is true, for most disciplines. HOWEVER, you plan to study petroleum engineering. Engineering is a bit different at the masters level re: funding.

    At the better universities in the US, you will be able to apply for research and teaching assistantships for your masters degree in engineering. The assistantship will pay your tuition, and may also give you a small stipend for living costs. You will need to contact each masters degree program that interests you, to find out if they offer such programs for masters degree engineering students, and how to apply for those positions/funding.

    This is a link to a ranking of the best graduate engineering programs in the US. You’ll need to check to see which offer petroleum engineering. You will find many other foreign students in such programs, so you won’t be alone! http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-engineering-schools/rankings