i want to buy land how can i contact the owner?

i know the name i tried looking the name up in tax assessors and on yellew pages.com i know the address i have lived right down the street for 18 and i have never seen anyone leave or go into the house or any lights or car but the yard is always cut and stuff so how can i contact them?

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  1. cookie Says:

    is it for sale?

    if its for sale they should have a contact number, or they should be selling it through a real estate agent who has a contact number

    if its not for sale, then you can’t buy land thats not for sale. aside from the fact that if they knew you were keen, they would be able to tell you they weren’t selling for say xx dollars, which might be more than they tried to sell for if they just put it on the market

  2. kemperk Says:

    send a letter
    leave a note on their door
    hire a real estate agent to be your BUYER"S agent.

    keep in touch with me.

  3. QUAGMIRE Says:

    In my line of work I look for property owners all of the time. Any time I am unable to find there contact info, I either look them up on the taxes (TAX NET website) or I go down to the appraisal office to find out their info. If you have the property owners name but no phone number send them prioty mail asking them to contact you. Sending priorty will ensure you that they received your letter, be sure and let them know its urgent that you speak with them. It works for me. Good luck

  4. TheBitterTruth Says:

    Hire a real estate agent.

  5. godged Says:

    If you know the address, the tax assessor knows where the tax bills go. Stop in their office or give them a call and send the owner a delivery confirmation letter asking to buy. That way you know the owner got it, and they will call you if they want to sell.

  6. Doctor Deth Says:

    is there a for sale sign on teh property? if not – iot’s not for sale

    if the land goes with the house, then you can;t buy "the land"

    if you want to buy vacant land – call a real estate agent for listings – or start at http://www.Realtor.com – I bought land and 2 houses starting with that website

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  8. FawnCarney@yahoo.com Says:

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