I want to know the legality of the recruitment agencies who are hiring applicants for Total Petroleum Nigeria.

I received lot of Job Offer Letters and Contract Agreement from Total Petroleum Nigeria through online which are offering very high salary and benefits. But they are asking the amount of money needed to procure Visa and working permit and promised to refund such amount upon arrival in Nigeria. They are giving a name of certain Nigerian Immigration Officer who is responsible for the processing of such documents. The money must be sent through Western Union to a certain individual not direct to the bank account of Nigerian Immigration. Are these recruitment agencies are legally permitted by the Nigerian government to do so or they don’t know this type of scam? Nigerian authorities must take action to stop this misleading online activities because for me I believed this is illegal.

6 Responses to “I want to know the legality of the recruitment agencies who are hiring applicants for Total Petroleum Nigeria.”

  1. SeanS Says:

    Major Scam!!! I work in the oil business and if you are a qualified worker (Only types they want) they will not only pay for your visa to go to Nigeria but also buy you a dollhouse, a monkey, a boat, or any other thing you heart may desire to go work there (Especially a major company such as TOTAL) The catch 22 is that if you set foot in that country you are more likely than not to end up on CNN as the latest kidnapping story. If you are a legit industry person willing to take the risk check out rigzone for a multitude of legit offers with the same astronomical pay.

  2. John Loves Jenn Says:

    it’s a total scam!!!

    Be wary of offers of employment that require you to deposit money into your account and then wire it to a third party.
    All spam emails/unsolicited letters and faxes are scams.
    As a general rule – ANYTHING involving Western Union/money gram = Scam.
    my Advice: Don’t deal with anyone from a foreign country or Accept

    checks from strangers and never use wire/bank transfer services.. you risk losing your $$ and your mind.
    Remember, if it sounds too good
    to be true, it probably is! NEVER give out your personal information to strangers online! Always be on guard.

  3. Spock (rhp) Says:


    no one known to be in Nigeria has anything to do with this, so the Nigerian authorities are powerless. the actual scammers are likely in Russia or somewhere like that. they have one guy in Nigeria with a fake ID … he collects money under the fake name — if, in fact, they can’t collect it from Western Union somewhere else under the fake name.

    never send money to get a job via the Internet … you’ll never see your money again and the person you think you’re to see in Nigeria doesn’t exist.


  4. hottotrot1_usa Says:

    scam. Don’t waste anybodies time….

  5. Miguel H Says:

    It’s a SCAM… anytime you are asked for money to get a job… IT’S A SCAM… and ESPECIALLY if it has ANYTHING to do with the SCAM CAPITAL of the WORLD… NIGERIA… stay away from those people or you will be sorry.

  6. bkpanzer Says:

    Sounds like SCAM to me!!!

    Besides, read about this on http://www.oil-offshore-marine.com/bewarejobscams.php

    It’s exactly as you describe in your question…