If 50% – 75% of our high gas prices are attributed oil future traders pushing the prices of gas up and not the

supply and demand like everyone sez – why doesn’t our government simply suspend the trading of Oil Futures until such time as the price of oil adjusts back between 50 – 75%?

Wouldn’t this be more simpler than any off shore drilling that will take four to five years to put into effect and only reduce the cost of gasoline by approximately four cents?????????

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  1. Al Says:

    Good Question ! and there is a reason ! our government does not control ANYTHING ! the IMF and WORLDBANK controls oil futures through their channels in Newyork and London trading.
    In the late 1970’s ….. oilmen discovered the largest oil find in the world…. where ? the northern alaskan slope and it was witnessed by Colorado senator Hugh Chance and the FEDS immeadiatly classified the find and shut it down…. so who’s dictating to the FEDS ? the worldbank and internation monetery fund by way Wallstreet and London financial Markets.

  2. Princess Says:

    That definitely makes sense to me!! I thought I heard somewhere that they are actually talking about suspending the futures trading, but I don’t know any of the specifics. . .

  3. BR Tiger fan Says:

    I heard one of the talking heads on a news show (sorry I don’t remember who or which show) suggest that we flood the market by releasing half of the strategic oil reserves. This would cause the price to drop and financially hurt the speculators responsible for the rise in gas prices.
    I don’t necessarily believe that it’s a good idea, although it certainly is a novel idea. Just the thought of the future traders getting soaked makes me smile a little.

  4. jurydoc Says:

    This website explains it pretty well. The gist is, "our country" has only limited oversite/regulatory powers as oil is an international commodity, plus, what power they do have has been abdicated.


  5. saberfire12 Says:

    in Saudi Arabia it costs 36 cents per gallon, London $6.00 a gallon, U.S. $4 OHIO – 4.50 California lots of European countries pay more even though the oil is closer to them, and African countries pay less, nothing makes sense to me. They talk of drilling in Alaska, Congress won’ t let Bush do it, also offshore drilling no, no , no, nobody wants to do anything to fix. gas might go $5.00 by July 4. 08 analysts say.

  6. m1a1mikegolf Says:

    For one thing – it is foolish to suspend trading on oil futures simply because of a number that somebody pulled out of the air.

  7. Terry T Says:

    So you believe that the Government should be allowed to control what Private industry does, what private business does?

    It would be pretty much in line with what the Euro’s do, Socialist governmental control.

    Sorry, I live in the USA and I DON’T want government controlling any more than they do now, and less if possible.

  8. scrooge Says:

    you bet ye