If a person builds part of their home on your land what rights do you have as the property owner?

I offered to let him purchase the land he needed to purchase that his house sits on if he paid for the land division and the surveyor costs. He does not want to agree.

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  1. MSAD Says:

    You have the right to go to court and force the removal of the structure from your property.

    I would send him a letter stating that the structure is on your property and you want it removed. That he has 60 days to remove the structure or you will take legal action.

    Use that 60 days to find out what court you would file your action in. At the end of 60 days, if the structure has not been removed, proceed with legal action.

    You will need evidence. Hire a surveyor and take photos. Keep a copy of the letter you send notifying him of the structure on your property. You would sue for the removal of the structure, the survey costs and court filing fees. He should have done his due diligence and had the property surveyed prior to building the home.

  2. gameface Says:

    How long has he had a structure on your property. I think at some point it becomes a de-facto easement. If it was recently constructed I’m pretty sure you can have the portion that is on your property torn down if the two of you can’t come to some other arrangement.

  3. Tyler Says:

    yeah you can have it removed if it is recent but dont just wait around, if he is "squatting" long enough it becomes his

  4. Rayhere Says:

    If you want take him to court However if it is not interfering with use of your property tell him he must inform any future buyers that he has encroached on your property it will be unsellable you have paid the tax’s it is your property Depending on the state there is something called adverse possession how ever that pertains to driveways etc Just send him a letter with signature required an wait him out

  5. R K Says:

    why did you let him buy the land without having it surveyed. the sale shouldn’t have gone through until
    he paid for those things. why are you bringing this up after he’s already built the house? it’s too late now. if he hasn’t built the house yet, don’t let him buy the land if he doesn’t agree.

  6. laughter_every_day Says:

    There are too many variables, including when it was built and what state or country you are in. If you consult a lawyer you will be asked dozens of questions, none of which your answered here. If you are trying to ask if there is some universal remedy, something you can do everywhere in the world regardless of any other circumstance, there is not.