If closing down a few oil rigs makes the price oil go up, if we added rigs wouldnt price go down.?

The threat of bad weather affected the oil prices, nothing but speculation. The environazis tell us more drilling will not affect prices, wouldnt lifting the moratorium on oil cause speculators to drop prices almost immediately. Also increase jobs and boost economy with materials for infrastructure being bought.
The most basic rule of economics is more supply less prices, if our enemies cut production it would hurt them more and encourage us to be even more independent.

4 Responses to “If closing down a few oil rigs makes the price oil go up, if we added rigs wouldnt price go down.?”

  1. Bill S Says:

    You would think the answer would be a huge YES. But the US government individuals have stock in oil so what do you suppose caused the gas to hit $4 a gallon and $5 a gallon in some areas. The cost of refining is the same as it was years ago, its just more government thieves have stock in the oil companies.

    We should have been drilling years ago, and not relying on other countries for oil either.

  2. subwm4bush Says:

    Nope. Other nations could just cut production. The market would keep the price up.

  3. ryoma136 Says:

    It’s really much deeper than that. We currently buy our oil from countries such as Nigeria, Ecuador; basically African and South American oil countries. If anything happened with their production, it would affect our prices. In addition to our own drilling (Which, of course, goes here).

    The short answer is that no, you are not correct, but neither are your "environazi" enemies. In fact, no one really has a "right, correct" answer to this problem

  4. I'm Back Says:

    the dollar is falling oil has nothing to do with that its the counterfeit fiat currency.