If Gas Got To $10.00 Per Gallon Would Liberals Want To Drill For Oil ? ?

Lets say we were CUT OFF from getting any oil from a foreign country all the sudden. Gas prices jumped to .00 a gal. Would Liberals want to Drill our oil here then? Even though we would have to wait for it for several years to ten years?
What if the President at the time said we must start a new war in order to get the oil again from a foreign country- so gas prices would be affordable and to avoid destruction to the economy?
These are realistic issues- this could happen soon.

What is the alternative solution from a Liberals point of view if these situations were to occur?
The way I see it is by not drilling where we have oil here, is taking a chance that we may have to have another war down the road.
We want to avoid wars, we want to avoid a depression. We need energy soon and won’t get it if we don’t do anything!

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  1. cordeliabrainiac Says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to exploit alternative energy sources before we run out of oil (ours or foreign)?

    Liberals didn’t create this mess and Conservatives didn’t create this mess. They/we both did and "we" have to get ourselves out. No sense shaming and blaming. That never solved anything.

    If you haven’t already, check out http://www.pickensplan.com. When an oil billionaire says its time to look beyond oil, its probably a good idea to listen.

  2. ? Says:

    Maybe… Gas prices have been dropping here in Ohio, down to 3.50! I will elect ANYONE who can keep taxes low, and keep gas low!

  3. dumdum Says:

    Yup…because Iraq sure lowered oil prices for us like Bush & Co promised.


  4. Defeat Obama Says:

    Not if they lost power as they see it, the Democrats would rather see our great nation fall to its knees first

    Vote McCain and DRILL NOW for the future of your children

  5. Progressive Says:

    Not when our American oil drilled in Alaska is exported to Japan; or oil extracted in Montana, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma or other states are sent to other countries and we American drivers are still held captive to high gas prices. Liberals are always hippies but wise people just doing the research. Don’t trust the Pig Man or his ugly sister the stick; Ann Couture with their talking points.

  6. Mike Says:

    Liberals? Yes.

    Democratic politicians? No. They just write off the gas expense anyway, so they care more about winning the argument than saving their constituents money.

  7. davejs1551 Says:

    Some want to see $10 oil, you know Global Warming (even though it happened before with no human intervention, we caused it this time).

    I’m sure there would be so much blaming of George Bush and us Republicans that the issue would not be addressed.

  8. Roz Says:

    The Libs. that refuse to drill don’t care if YOU pay $40. per gal of gas, we pay for their so why should they care how much it costs us?

  9. Cinner Says:

    No they wouldn’t. They want the people to suffer in favor of saving our environment, a problem that is no where near as dire as they want you to believe.

  10. Joan L Says:

    As McCain/Bush says drilling for oil does nothing to help the gas prices.

  11. alienofwar Says:

    The alternative choice is getting out behinds off our addiction to oil

    Plain and simple. You can’t solve a problem by making the problem worse. It’s like having lot’s of credit card debt and you think the best way to pay off that debt to to get more loans. It’s not going to work. Sooner or later we have to deal with the problem.

  12. Mercer Devil Says:

    We are already drilling for oil in our own country, just not in our national wildlife reserves or certain coastal areas. Even if all foreign oil was cutoff, I doubt gasoline would climb that high. Also, if gasoline did hit $10/gallon, you will see a stronger push for biofuels since they would become more economically feasible than gasoline. People will be much more willing to pay $6/gallon for bio-diesel. There won’t be a need to invade another country for their oil.

  13. Mandy Says:

    Don’t get me wrong i don’t have a thing in the world against the polar bear . but seriously are the polar bears helping us to buy our gas . i don’t think so . and to answer your question. no we are just the people we are not the polar bears so we don’t matter.

  14. :P Says:

    Liberals don’t care about that. They just want free money and the easy life style.

  15. Lost in space. Says:

    It all comes down to the Election… The Dems,in there infinite wisdom…. have this crazy idea that if gas is high,when voters go to polls they will blame Bush. So in there warped little minds,they want to tag McCain as a Bush three…I cannot believe some people, they know who they are,would fall for this nonsense.. Why that is almost as bad as following a false Prophet who preaches change,around blindly…The bottom line is this… The one candidate that has a reasonable plan to realistically get gas down,will win,period…and that is just ONE more reason McCain is the only choice….

  16. Anti-con Says:

    I don’t agree. If we start now, we can be be using alternative sources of energy. We tried in the late 70’s when OPEC said oil was running out and there wouldn’t be anymore. Prices went up, gas was rationed, and people lined up at gas stations to wait their turn. Our government made a commitment, somewhat, to develop alternative sources of energy and suddenly, there was an abundance of oil. Prices dropped sharply, and alternative energy development came to a standstill. Kind of just like what we’re seeing now. Once Al Gore and T Boone Pickens started talking about green energy, prices came down….deja vous.

  17. McCains InSane Says:

    Drilling for oil is dumb. We should be plugging in our cars, and only using biofuels to power generators, as electric motors are much more efficient. This approach ALONE would save us millions of barrels a day.


    I like page 20.

  18. Randy N Says:

    What has Iraq got to do with the price of our oil ? First, do you understand that 70% of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico ? The war in Iraq has nothing to do with oil prices, as is assumed by another who answered this question and is obviously not familiar withthe real facts (look it up !). Dems like Nancy "Please buy my Book" Pelosi will NEVER drill for oil because they are too invested in failure.
    Second, we are not in Iraq for oil. If that was the case, we would have all the oil we need right now wouldn’t we ?It’s amazing how some people believe everything they are told by the libs and just do not do their own research.Mindless autobots ! Experts say we have more oil in Utah, Wyoming and Alaska, along with our shale deposits, than their is oil in the middle east. We need to drill our own oil and that I agree with, but we also need nuclear power. Wind doesn;t work because the production costs are too high when compared to the return in usable energy.The same for ethanol. It cost $1.05 to produce $1.00 of ethanol and it generates 30% less power. Not to mention that the cost of food is being driven through the roof because all of our corn is being used on ethanol ! Educate yourself and do the research. The Republicans are on the right track when it comes to energy. Do whats right for the Country and not for a political party, and in this case the Repubs get my vote ! Obama would be a disaster !

  19. Hermes Says:

    People need to wake up and realize that almost nothing that these people tell you is true. Have you ever wondered why certain technologies advance while others remain stagnant? When you figure it out, why don’t you either send me a telegram, or dial me up on your rotary phone? Oh. We don’t use those anymore, do we? Why are we still using oil?

    The oil companies have intentionally limited refining capacity in order to reduce their refining margins…

    The Myth of Peak Oil

    That means that no matter how much oil they drill for and pump, they will not be able to produce a single additional gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel, than is being refined right now. Are you following me? It is a case of supply and demand, but it is a case of supply and demand which is of an artificially created origin…intentionally so, at that.
    That isn’t where it ends. There have not only been devices which would increase the economy of the internal combustion engine by many fold, but there has also been a coordinated effort on the part of the oil refiners to ensure that many attempts to achieve that exceptional economy are stifled by refining their gasoline in such a manner as to render many of these devices as useless.

    McBurney Cracks the Code for Super-Carburetors

    Bruce McBurney and I have communicated via email in the past. He’s legitimate.

    There are so many other sources of energy and methods of increasing the efficiency of existing sources of energy which have been suppressed that I won’t even bother wasting our time by posting them all.

    The bottom line is that you need to step outside of the box and begin to ask why instead of only accepting the semantical options presented to you as not only being true, but as the only options in existence.
    How many of you profit from oil revenue? Not many I would guess? I certainly don’t. Why would you support something that takes your hard earned money and sends your men, women, and children off to be slaughtered unnecessarily?

  20. David S Says:

    I don’t see any plug in cars I can afford. If I did I still have to park across the street. I don’t see any hydrogen cars I can afford. I don’t see any ethanol stations in my neighborhood. I can’t afford to buy a new car. Most people can’t afford a new car. I better use gas to get to work. Maybe we can all afford a new car on Jan. 20th. Keep dreaming libs. You might realize someday we can’t get all of these things in a couple years. Maybe Obama can buy us all cars too. Free college, Free health care. Free cars. To libs it makes more sense to keep buying oil from enemies than drill our own. Yep that’s logical to them.

  21. Say No to Obamunism! Says:

    No, they would find a way to blame Big Oil, Evil Speculators, OPEC, etc and pass a Jimmy Carter-esque Windfall Profits tax.

    Alienofwar: People have been working on alternative or renewable sources of energy since the 1970’s, and Jimmy Carter’s best solution was synfuels and they were an economic disaster. Jimmah’s solution was to ration gas and oil and tell people to put on a sweater and turn down their thermostat.

    Synthetic fuels require a relatively high price of crude oil in order to be competitive with petroleum-based fuels without subsidies.[dubious – discuss] However, they offer the potential to supplement or replace petroleum-based fuels if oil prices continue to rise. Several factors make synthetic fuels attractive relative to competing technologies such as biofuels, ethanol/methanol or hydrogen:

    It requires massive government subsidies and it isn’t the government’s business to pick winnners and loser in technology.

    Cordelia: T. Boone Pickens is just like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi, in the way he stands to make windfall profits from the government adopting his plan.

    McCains insane: Yeah how would we get the electricity to power the cars with out breaking families budget, without coal which the enviro-marxists want to ban, without natural gas which we can’t get without drilling.

    It also takes a huge amount of time to charge, plus you can’t do road trips in electric cars.

    Biofuels are Jimmy Carter’s synfuels by a different name..

    Heremes: General Motors and others are developing hydrogen powered cars and truck, but they are prohibitedly expensive for most but the Uber-Rich which Obama wants to punish.

    Do any of you libs remember or know anything about the Jimmy Carter years?

    Obama is a hybrid of Jimmy Carter and Huey P. Long, policy wise.

  22. arch0049 Says:

    1 – why would Canada and Mexico cut us off?

    Big Oil has proven sites leased out now – THAT THEY REFUSE TO DRILL. Thats right. Millions of acres of land they have leased the title to from the federal government. These sites are sitting idle.

    Next, there are still over 68,000,000 drillable acres of federal land and offshore sites available for private companies to drill.

    Big Oil is creating a distraction! They go on these Public Relations Campaigns to blame liberals, democrats and environmentalist. They do this to keep the average American off their backs.

    – big oil has proven oil sites sitting idle
    – big oil won’t even lease the 68,000,000 acres of drillable land and offshore sites available (more land than the size of Colorado).
    – big oil is making record profits.


    $10 oil is exactly what big oil wants!

    Remember Exxon is a company. And companies exist to make money, not give it away!!! Otherwise Exxon would be a non-profit, instead of a private stock owned company.


    (It’s so sad that people in this country trust/believe the companies that are making record profits. Just because rent goes up in an apartment building, do you expect the landlord to build another building next door? And, do you think that would lower your rent? OF COURSE NOT. SAME THING WITH OIL).

  23. Walter Clark Says:

    If gas went up $10.00 a gallon. people would have to ration gasoline, or even steal it. If cost of gas were to go that high, it will end up over 3 times as high as the 1970s level. If that happens, people will have to invest in, buy or purchase electric cars, or cars that run on solar energy. If gas went up that high, it would pose a threat to the U.S. economy, people won’t be able to travel (e.g. by car, bus, train, plane. or on a cruise) because they all are powered by gas. If this happens cars, or any vehicle, or gasoline itself will be the thing of the past. The cost of a fare (a ticket)for the train, air travel, or the cruise will go up much higher. Gas stations would go out of business. and people who work for gas companies like Mobil, Texaco, Gulf, or BP would be laid off.