If HR 6 passes will the dems come out and take credit for the higher energy prices in a couple years?

Or will they do like they did this time and say it was the republicans fault?
sometimes people take credit for things that maybe they had an effect on, and maybe they didn’t. But over the last couple of years, one of the things we have been doing is we have tried to provide for drilling for gas.
There are trillions of cubic feet of natural gas in the Gulf Coast. It is a fact, we have trillions of cubic feet of gas. You can go along the Outer Continental Shelf along both coasts, and many States do not want any drilling out there. They want all the energy, they want it cheap. They don’t want any of it drilled where they may have to look at it, but they want the energy. People fight that. They don’t want any drilling out there.
Then we have this area that is tundra, as we were taught growing up in public school, tundra, where there is just not much of anything. Yet people don’t want to allow drilling in that area, even though it could provide 1 1/2 million barrels of oil a day.
The OCS and ANWR, those are not be-all-end-all solutions to our energy needs, but they are a small part of the solution. Alternative fuels, bioethanol. We have biomass in East Texas, where I am from, and we have oil and gas as well. We have coal. We have all these things. There are projects to produce energy with zero emissions from coal. All of these great things are going on that we are trying to push, and so much of it met with opposition.
Then we came along last week, and we end up having the incentives to do domestic drilling in the United States or off our coasts to provide additional energy and to do it with domestic people, domestic companies, domestic jobs to help the economy, as well as provide fuel that we don’t have go overseas to get, and yet those incentives, it was voted by the majority as pushed by our Democrat friends across the aisle to remove those incentives.
The thing that struck me over the last couple of years as we fought against Democrats who didn’t want to drill the Outer Continental Shelf, didn’t want to drill ANWR, they fought like crazy against having incentives for new refineries. We are realistic enough. We know that the big oil companies are not going to build more refineries here. They do it in other places where it is cheaper. But it was to encourage independent oil companies to drill here in America, and also to refine here in America, because we need the gasoline to keep things going until we get sufficient alternative fuels.
But after fighting against us to allow those things to bring down the prices of gasoline, as gasoline skyrocketed, I was amazed. People on the other side of the aisle blamed Republicans for the skyrocketing gas prices.
The thing that struck me, if you are going to fight against the things that make for cheaper fuel, then when the price of gasoline skyrockets, at least have the decency to take credit for it. “Yes, we got the high gas prices. America, you ought to love us. We drove up the price of gasoline, and now it is way up and you ought to love us for it.” Instead, we got blamed because gasoline got high.
So I hope as a result of what we saw what happen last week, as it ends up in the next year or so causing a spike in the price of gasoline, that our friends across the aisle that caused this spike that they have put in the pipeline now to generate a skyrocketing gasoline price, that when that occurs, they will go ahead and stand up and say, “You bet gasoline is high; and we Democrats, we proudly caused it.”

9 Responses to “If HR 6 passes will the dems come out and take credit for the higher energy prices in a couple years?”

  1. theearlybirdy Says:

    What’s sad is no one will read your question, but answer like they know anything.

    The big problem isn’t with cutting the subsidies, but rather with the forced contract negotiations they want to implement. The "conservation fee", i.e. new taxes, for drilling will just make oil companies not drill… leading to less of a domestic supply.

    Sad, but true.

  2. ck4829 Says:

    So much text, so little of anything of value actually typed.

  3. Dennis P Says:

    Only when monkeys fly out of their collective a$$es!

  4. Sjean Says:

    Of course not. They’ll blame Bush as always.

    I wonder who they’ll blame every thing on after he’s out of office?

  5. information_police Says:

    Gas prices are going to be high no matter what. Do you want to have some good alternatives to oil? Perhaps if we had been charging a couple bucks a gallon tax on gas for the past 20 years and spending that on research into alternatives, we’d be 1) conserving more oil and gas, and 2) further along on renewable energy sources.

    Don’t worry about ANWR. That oil isn’t going to disappear. It’s a tiny portion of the North Slope. We don’t need it now. Maybe in 40 years we’ll be desperate enough to have to suck all the oil out of it, but maybe by then we won’t need it.

  6. goodyisback2010 Says:

    all I saw was blah blah blah with all of your knowledge that you think you have you are still about as bright as a box of rocks, I will always fail to understand how someone over the age of 25 or so could not see that every time a republican comes into office and screws things all up economically and financially and well just in every way possible and then later on the democrats come into office and fix it but then my wisdom came about me and I came to the conclusion that it must be ignorance sorry but for all the bs that is going on right now in the world and you want us democrats to take the blame for it, sorry, I can’t help you, why don’t you wait until the next republican comes into office and then get back ahold of me then

  7. yupchagee Says:

    Of course not. They will blame Republicans & oil companies.

  8. CollateralBrainDamage Says:

    You had control of congress and the presidency for six years, but the democrats stopped you? Guffaw.
    Now that gas prices fell due to something besides market forces, after being obviously artificially high, you get your shorts in a knot and start looking for who to blame? Guffaw squared.
    When prices increase (but we both know prices do increase don’t we?) in the future you want to say "I told you so" Guffaw cubed.
    Transparently obvious you are captain.

  9. right you are ken Says:

    Where does it come from, these twisted versions of reality? The oil and gas companies have been paying royalties no where near the worth of what they are getting off Federal land, our land. Secondly, the republicans controlled congress for the past eleven years with six years being in complete control of the government, and the democrats have put the kibosh on all alternative energy plans, oh please. Most of your rant is basically saying, let them drill wherever they please. Do you not get it? Gas was just over three dollars a gallon everywhere, while they could do what they want. Should Exxon-Mobile be making profits of around twenty billion dollars in two consecutive quarters last year while we are paying out the ying yang for gasoline and giving them tax breaks to the tune of millions? Your thought process, I do not understand. H.R. six takes the revenue and is putting it towards renewable forms of energy. Get your facts straight.