If liberals would let us drill more oil, wouldnt this lower gas prices and promote job growth?

But noo, we have to plant trees and not offshore drill because of the environment:O!
Oh yea, i forgot al gore took the liberty of inventing the internet haha

29 Responses to “If liberals would let us drill more oil, wouldnt this lower gas prices and promote job growth?”

  1. Donald Says:


    However the corrupt, incompetent, dope smoking Radical Extreme Leftist Democrats want higher gasoline prices to force us out of our cars.

    Also the corrupt, incompetent, dope smoking Radical Extreme Leftist Democrats want to subsidize alternative fuels which are very expensive to produce.

    The only way that the corrupt, incompetent, dope smoking Radical Extreme Leftist Democrats can favor the ridiculously expensive alternative fuels is to force gasoline prices much higher.

  2. Uncle2fire Says:

    What good will more jobs do without a planet we can live on?

  3. Fbomonkey Returns Says:

    You should hide…they will burn you at the stake for making such a suggestion on holy earth day.

  4. Pat Says:

    Liberals don’t control the supply of oil. OPEC does.

  5. Carolo43 Says:

    Would let you? I believe 13 more permits were granted in the last week for new rigs.

  6. Minny Pulsiver Says:

    Hiring people to clean polluted beaches = job growth!

  7. scott b Says:

    Really. Who needs TREES anyway. It’s not like they’re the air we breathe, or anything….

  8. vin Says:

    Exactly! Liberals like bering dependant on foreign oil and having high gas prices so they can make all the vehicles electric.

    I hate environazis..

  9. г๏๓คгє Says:

    Apparently no one has told you that the oil we drill in our country does not necessarily get used in our country. It is sold on the world market, like all oil, and could just as well end up in Norway as here.

    Therefore, the answer to your question is no.

  10. PoBoy Says:

    No, not even close.

    We currently have a glut of oil sitting in refineries/storage; yet, prices are going up anyway.

    I smell market manipulation and the imposition of monopoly like profits.

  11. Home schooled Says:

    YES!!!! i heard that on GLENN BECK DURRRRRRRRRRR

  12. Recalls have begun Says:

    No DIP. You cons have always said it wouldn’t get to the pump for 10 years anyway.
    Hey, i know, how bout we use pot for oil. No, the oil companies wouldn’t be able to rape us.

  13. Thoughtful Monkey Says:

    At this point more oil wouldn’t do a thing. Oil imports have been declining along with refinery capacity utilization for several weeks now. The oil companies are engineering an artificial shortage of refined gasoline to try to rationalize higher prices. You don’t believe me then look at the numbers.


  14. Carpe diem Says:

    Why drill more just go scrape it off the sand in Louisianna.

  15. Gee Wally Says:

    Saudi Arabia just cut production due to the world oil glut. So much for supply side economics.

  16. You can't block what you don't understand Says:

    Liberals are the reason why you stupid conservatives are using computers.

  17. fistoffury Says:

    You just don’t understand economics. scarcity and speculation are the problems, not the liberals.

  18. wdx2bb Says:

    Haven’t heard this argument as much in the past year, since the BP oil spill. There are major risks involved here, if you haven’t noticed.

  19. Stacey Says:

    You are delusional if you believe the rising cost of oil right now has anything to do with supply and demand.

  20. Walker Texas Ranger Says:

    truth is that if the government regulation didn’t tell oil speculators that oil will be more expensive in the future due to silly environmental rules and regulations and threats from the government. That gas would go down.. Clinton started it by making Oil areas off limits within the United States. Bush continued it by bending from pressure from the Eco Terrorists, And Obama has quadrupled it because of the god complex he has and his ideology.

    It has nothing to do with the Environment in the long run.. It has everything to do with absolute control.

  21. nanny Says:

    It wouldn’t lower gas prices. It would make the oil companies more money. It would cost the US govt. more money due to ‘perks’ the government gives oil companies to drill. It could (and probably would) damage our lands. It would promote jobs.

  22. oimwoomwio Says:

    For a few weeks or months, it might.

    Oil is not a long-term solution, though.

  23. m i c Says:

    Vehicles with micro-solar roof systems have already been built in concept houses that run either entirely on the sun with minimal charging and pneumatic assist hybrids that get over 150 miles to the gallon and can still be as large as a typical full-size van or larger.

    These will likely never be mass marketed however.

  24. Rembrandt Q. Einstein, Esq. Says:


    You have been lied to.

    Domestic oil drilling is way UP under Obama and oil prices are still going up too.

  25. mackie Says:

    It not only would create job growth,we would be free of the strangle hold of foreign oil. Obama goes to Communist Brazil and gives their state run oil company (PetroBra) our tax money for them to invest in off shore drilling in the Gulf,and in turn we will buy the oil from Brazil while in the mean time he refuses to release permits to American Oil companies to drill or free up some of the EPA controlled lands for drilling.Obama loves to spread the tax payers wealth to Marxist/Communist countries while working on making America in their image.

  26. ugotthat Says:

    History lesson. Our problems go back further than yesterday.

    1973 REPUBLICAN Nixon was president and we had an energy problem. Nixon seemed preoccupied. Ford didn’t do much either. 1979 Democrat Carter was president and said we had an energy problem. I wasn’t imagining things when I rode my bike past the long gas lines. I even spoke with my friend’s brother while he waited at a gas station.

    REPUBLICAN Ronald Reagan came along and claimed America didn’t have an energy problem. He had to have known about the long gas lines in 1979. He didn’t care. It’s been like that ever since. Papa Bush didn’t do anything. Clinton didn’t do anything and baby Bush didn’t do anything.

    So 35+ years and several Republican presidents ago we didn’t have an oil shortage? Now we have 35+ years less oil.

    If Reagan was correct how come gas is so expensive, Toyota has the 50mpg Prius, Hybrids are all the rage and all those truck plants are closed? The Japanese make long term plans. Hitachi has a 100 year plan. Americans don’t think much past tomorrow.

    Since we’re on the job subject Exxon had record profits, paid no taxes and actually got a "tax benefit"
    meaning TAXPAYERS gave them money. So how come Exxon with the record profits, no taxes and a "tax benefit" only has 56 jobs available? Nationwide? A few weeks ago they had a whopping 44.

    What has America been doing about oil for the last 35+ years? Why are we surprised now?

  27. bigboob Says:

    if obama didn’t have to give big favors for his campaign money the price of oil would be stationary

  28. Marilon Says:

    Right on, drill baby drill,
    The communist invironmentalist are determined to shut down this country by stopping the wheel from turning, shutting down oil, and that would shut down every thing in this country.

  29. omar.engineer Says:

    US is already drilling more oil in Iraq,started plans to drill in Libya,planning to drill in Iran…

    US main aim is to get oil for free from small nations through waging war in the name of spreading democracy.

    Nowadays US & NATO governments have changed their administrative code as involving in other nation’s affairs,conspiring plans to make revolts,to cause unrest in those countries through CIA and when that nation’s government tries to suppress the revolt,alleging those countries with Human rights violation.

    Then alleging them with the terrorism,developing of Nuclear weapons,Chemical weapons of mass destruction instead of Looking at its thousands nuke weapons and mass destructing weapons,blocking of progress of those nations by Economic sanctions with the help of European Puppet Governments

    And finally waging the War against those nations with the NATO allies,causing unrest there and Killing millions of Civilians in the name of war and set up a Puppet Government there with bootlicking leaders and achieve the uninterrupted Fuel supplies and free flow of narcotics and drugs and Marketing their medicines and goods in those nations..

    This US Government’s attitude should Die,else they have to expect their Fall in sooner days