If Natural Gas is the pollution free energy to get us off of oil why is Obama and gang trying to stop it?

If we move to ethanol then the price of corn is going to go through the roof. Doesn’t Obama care about food prices? Why not let the market decide which energy is best. Right now the market is moving towards Natural Gas. Why don’t the Demonrats mind their own business?
Its pollution free compared to gasoline. Why do you think they use it on forklifts inside companies.
Ethanol actually produces more pollution than natural gas.

12 Responses to “If Natural Gas is the pollution free energy to get us off of oil why is Obama and gang trying to stop it?”

  1. Entropy Says:

    1) Ethanol is bad for the environment and bad for the economy. The only reason it is subsidized and mandated is politics. There is no other rationale that is not a lie.

    2) Natural gas is cleanER than other fossil fuels, but it still emits CO2 when burned. Some purists don’t think we need a middle technology to bridge the way to true zero carbon technologies like solar, wind, nuclear. They are wrong. Natural gas and nuclear are the energies of the next 50 years. By then, hopefully, solar or wind will be efficient enough to be economically viable.

    @Plutocrat – Are you nuts? Bush didn’t start Ethanol. The government has been subsdizing ethanol since the 70s. Read a book!

  2. I still heart fugin Says:

    yes …Corn is hard to get

    unless you have land and water

  3. Country Club Conservative Says:

    Natural gas is NOT pollution free at all. It’s horribly polluting.

  4. mercedes Says:

    He isn’t.

  5. Maxwell Says:

    because the global warming crowd thinks CO2 is pollution.

    burning natural gas uses up Oxygen…

    I know this entire answer makes no sense…but that is because their position makes no sense.

    @Country Club Conservative.

    you are wrong.
    Burning refined Natural gas produces mostly CO2 and water.

  6. Bob G...The return of Says:

    No, Obama cares only for his misguided agenda. He does not care who starves or who cannot pay for electricity or even get to work. You might say otherwise but his actions say this is true.

  7. jaker Says:

    Because they want to control everything and Obama is a tool of the environmental left. He wants to destroy the private energy industry so the govt will have to take it over.

  8. Pluto C. Rat Says:

    Ethanol is Bush’s economic project. He started it (BTW, now you have no feral land to soak up water and the Mississippi is flooding all over the place).

    There ain’t that much natural gas available globally — it’s comparatively rare, highly expendable, and irreplaceable.

    Just like you wanna reduce spending to limit debt — you need to make energy usage more efficient.

    So who’s the dope that sold you on natural gas as an answer? If thinking at all, are you aware he’s just after your subsidy?

    And why did you buy it outright?? Pay up, Einstein.

    @Entropy – My deepest most sincere apologies that I don’t sit out 20-30 minutes to write up every history for your @ss:


    A boost is a h@ll of a market start. Read an article, nut.

  9. Private Prinny Says:

    First off, let’s get the facts damn right straight – burning it is four times more polluting than gasoline whose production and burning are more polluting than those of ethanol…
    …The production of natural gas is, of course, free, it’s extraction is practical, but it is much more polluting to burn…
    …The market is attracted to it regardless of the ecological damage because it is so damn right cheap.

    Hope that was clear enough!

    Goddamn vegetarian chicken…

  10. shortbusbush Says:

    the pollution that gas and oil creates is significant. i’m a driller i know. hydrofraking the shale formations around the country is injecting chemical laced water by the millions of gallons into the rock formatin under very high preasure to fracture the rock and increase the yield of gas and oil produced, not good for water wells, and water from wells is much cleaner and much more plentiful than surface water. pollute the groundwater at your grandchildrens peril

  11. zuma Says:

    Get up to speed Bubba….your whole question is false.

    What would your motive be to knock other alternatives..if you were legit,..you wouldn’t be Picking and Choosing.

  12. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    because natural gas is a resource we have an abundance of and its good for America so naturally the Soros puppet (0bama) is against it