If Obama pushes for Cap and Trade should Americans push for Impeachment?

Reviewing a host of recent studies, Buckley and Mityakov show that estimates of job losses attributable to cap-and-trade range in the hundreds of thousands. The price for energy paid by the American consumer also will rise. The studies reviewed showed electricity prices jumping 5-15% by 2015, natural gas prices up 12-50% by 2015, and gasoline prices up 9-145% by 2015. As an illustration, gasoline would suffer a 16 cent price increase per gallon at the low end of the estimates to a .58 penalty at the high end (using the January 2009 reported retail price of .78 per gallon).

10 Responses to “If Obama pushes for Cap and Trade should Americans push for Impeachment?”

  1. Dr. Phil of sh*t Says:


  2. Richard Says:

    He should be impeached for Heath Care.

  3. don45123 Says:

    on what grounds

  4. stanleys_2001 Says:

    The first domino has dropped.

    The second will be AMNESTY.

    the third will be Cap and TAX.

  5. Mr. Wolf Says:

    I am against cap and trade and it is not an impeachable offense for a President to push for legislation that people do not like.

  6. ElNicoli Says:

    You may impeach the president for breaking the law, and for no other reason. Only once did Congress consider impeaching the president for political reasons (Andrew Johnson) but they had the wisdom to realize how dangerous a precident that would be.

  7. Spaceman Spiff Says:

    Unfortunately Obama cannot be impeached for screwing us over. But he has committed several acts of treason, which should be investigated and is impeachable. One, Obama appointed a known Islamic extremist and put him in charge of the Transportation Safety Administration advisory board.

    Nawar Shora is his name and he has directed FBI agents and others to tip toe around anyone who is Muslim. He has access to sensitive records and it’s a safe bet our Government will do nothing to stop him from giving those secrets out. They might even promote him.

  8. Peggy I Says:

    In order to be impeached he must commit a criminal act. Exactly what act has he committed?

    Something else you need to keep in mind. Congress writes and passes laws. The President doesn’t.

  9. ndmagicman Says:

    There are very clear and distinct actions that warrant an impeachment. Pushing a controversary bill would not be one of them.

  10. ~~Erin~~ Sophie due July 20th! Says:

    Bush lied to us about WMD’s in Iraq and cost us trillions of dollars, but he didn’t get impeached. He committed treason. If he didn’t get impeached, Obama sure won’t.

    Of course you guys would want to push for impeachment even when he’s done nothing wrong. That’s your resolution for everything. When something doesn’t go your way, you yell "impeach!"