If one-half of oil in marine waters seeps naturally, why are majority of liberals against off shore drilling?

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"• Seeps: Between one-third and one-half of the oil in the ocean comes from naturally occurring seeps. These are seafloor springs where oil and natural gas leak and rise buoyantly from oil-laden, sub-seafloor sediments that have been lifted close to the earth’s surface by natural processes."


5 Responses to “If one-half of oil in marine waters seeps naturally, why are majority of liberals against off shore drilling?”

  1. Truth Hertz Says:

    Because more people would be working and liberals are terrified that someone might eventually ask them to get off their fat butts and get a job. Right now, they just say there are no jobs and continue to collect welfare year after year.

  2. Beltway 8 Says:

    Alaska oil production has dropped to an all time low. There is several years worth of oil under Alaska, but the Liberals can’t have some caribou dying.

  3. Whole Picture Says:

    If we could get energy from water the libbies would seize up the container industry, shelter their back yard from rain, and campaign against ‘big irrigation’.

  4. Blunt Ugly Lies Says:


  5. Leslie Goudy Says:

    No one cares who drills where. This little story about Cheney and the oil in the Gulf by a conservative paper is enlightening

    http://www.newser.com/story/87681/whos-to-blame-for-the-oil-spill-dick-cheney-war-room-saloncom.htmlyou do realize that none of the people who really run the show care about where the oil is drilled from don’t you?

    Why say it’s Liberals? The Crony Bank system is running the show and they are enjoying their imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa. The real power brokers could care less about drilling for oil. Besides, we have no refineries left to speak of. We haven’t built one since 1976 and many operative ones get closed down because of the cost of repair.

    You do realize that Dick Cheney made a 3281% profit on oil he was drilling in Iraq during the Iraqi war don’t you? And he paid no taxes on it. Nice huh? http://faculty.law.wayne.edu/tad/Documents/Country/David_Evans_offshore.pdf It’s all here. They put money in Grand Cayman off Shore accounts so they are not taxed. Do you enjoy being taxed for these people. Can you please wake up.