If people claim communism killed so many people, why do they ignore the people capitalism has killed?

Contrary to what people think, the "Nationalist Socialist Party" was not socialist, Hitler hated communism and Socialism, and he supported Capitalism.
Hitler was responsible for the second world war, and directly responsible for the holocaust, so 12 million
The Banana Wars. America simply walking into countries for economic benefits. The CIA coup in Guatemala was responsible for thousands of conflicts that ended in the deaths of 200000 people. Add the other casualties of the Banana wars and you get around 2 million deaths.
All the Famines that occurred ( other than the ones caused by Stalin and Mao)
Famine in British controlled India – 30000000 according to Civil Rights Protester Census
Bengal Famine which was virtually ignored by Churchill- 10000000
The Great Depression, caused by a capitalist meltdown which had no effect of the Soviet Union- 12000000 Americans died or "Disappeared" during the depression, many of them children who starved to death.
A UNICEF estimated 8.8 million children die from starvation and disease before they turn five, most of them living in Capitalist Africa.
A staggering and amazingly sad number of people died from starvation before and after 9/11. An estimated 100000000 died during the 1990’s due to hunger and malnutrition.
Before and after 9/11, the American military has been bombing Iraq on a weekly basis, killing an estimated 900000 children and wounding millions. The total amount of dead from the war in the middle east has risen above the 2 million mark, including those brave marines, army soldiers and other soldiers who have died for oil.
In 1953 America removes prime minister Mossedeq and establish dictator Shah. 2000 civilians die in revolt
From 1963- 1975 the American government has killed 4000000 people in south east Asia.
America helps kill democratically elected Prime Minister in Chile, and establish dictatorship, 3000 chileans are murdered.
America supplies weapons to Iraq to kill Iranians, and supplies weapons to Iranians to fight Iraqis.
Saddam uses weapons to invade Kuwait, killing 200 soldiers in Kuwait in the initial attack.
During the Afghan Soviet war, America trains terrorists to kill communists who were trying to help land owners in the middle east, Bin Laden later uses that training to kill 3000 americans on 9/11, my uncle was almost killed that day.

I know these are not ALL examples of capitalism, but certainly Governments that aren’t communist (USA)

Please respond.
You call me misinformed but yet you say I missed a dose of medication? Funny

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  1. obama Has Failed America Says:

    Communism is forced collectivization of the masses. Coerced government policy. It is choosing between assimilating or being "reeducated", or dying.

    Capitalism is a voluntary system of exchanges. It doesn’t kill people.

  2. gws35 Says:

    Wow. Just wow. This is really sad.

    Isn’t there some medication you’re supposed to be taking?

    I think you missed a dose.

  3. coldfuse Says:

    So you are saying that Hitler was not a statist, believing in a powerful centralized government? That’s nuts. He is separated from Stalin by very little, except in the minds of statists who want to link somebody awful to right wing policies.

  4. Welfare equals liberal slavery Says:

    After reading your first paragraph of lies I couldn’t go any further. Hilter was not Capitalist and not a Christian- He was a Atheist- who pretended to be a Christian for more votes. He was a communist and his govt took over banks and corps just like Obama is doing.

    Hitler started out slowly with his hate for Jews, first he wouldn’t allow them to be doctors and lawyers and have jobs- then ran them out of their homes, then put them in camps , and killed them- starved them- abused them… He was a MONSTER COMMIE!

    Capitalists never killed people – Capitalists don’t have Ideologies with HATE! Capitalists have protected the WORLD from Ideologs full of Hate!

    War sucks- but you can’t just let loons who want to DESTROY THE WORLD have their way!!! They would destroy the WORLD!

  5. disgruntled Says:

    And Stalin killed millions of his own people as did Pol Pot as did Chairman Mao and as do the Muslims, there are more deaths from insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan than from American or British soldiers.

    Why do left wingers always hate their own people?

  6. Disher5 Says:

    … Hitler was definitely a right winger. We’ve had that discussion here many times.

    Add to what you said the 45,000 Americans a year who have been dying for lack of health care. Capitalism must be regulated or it becomes predatory.

  7. Demsmierda Says:

    Obama agrees with You.

    He Hates Freedom and Capitalism.

    (You need to take your pills, now.)

  8. Desdamona Says:

    Home schooled by your hippie parents, clearly.

  9. Longbranch Pennywhistle *suspended* Says:

    cuz were capitalists and have never done anything wrong ever but the other systems are evil and we dont speak to them or give them money (except for china)

  10. naked ginger Says:

    You are, of course, correct.

    It is terrifying that many participants here on YA cannot distinguish between "statists" of the left and right, and have apparently chosen to intentionally remain ill-informed. For the record, neither "capitalism", though generally associated with the right, nor "socialism", albeit usually leaning left, is truly even a political form. But capitalism is inherently a profit-motivated ECONOMIC form, and thus is always seeking a profit. And in terms of alignment with wealth and money, there is much in the way of definition that is deficient among modern ultra-right wingers.

    The Nazi government of Germany not only was NOT communist or leftist, they came to power January 30th, 1933, in a coalition of other right wing and conservative parties. They always were and described themselves as a party of "the right, and of order". William L. Shirer, in THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, clearly states there was no socialism in national socialism. Bullock’s HITLER: A STUDY IN TYRANNY explains in detail that the first people they rounded up and murdered were liberals, leftists, and socialists. Albert Speer’s superb INSIDE THE THIRD REICH details the huge corporations and their power within the country. Toland, Fest, Heisler, and all the other serious scholars agree, among them some of the most politically careful conservatives ever to pen missives in the U.S. and Europe. But you’ll notice that doesn’t stop or even slow down the lies.

    And they are lies.

    And when the apologists and propagandists for the lunatic/crackpot ultra-right wing tabulate the deaths caused by "godless commies"–who were evil enough, over time, but who ruled the USSR for over seventy years–they include among the "murders" famines in far northern Siberia and above the Arctic Circle, in the depths of the most severe winters in history, and everyone who died from ANY cause in the white/red wars of the 20’s. It’s called statistical fraud and manipulation. In their cloud-and-cuckoo world of delusion and hyperbole, of course, it is "politically incorrect" to reveal what they call "minor statistical adjustments".

    But even the total "body count" doesn’t mean much in the end, because the real lesson, even stripped of all the extraneous detail, is that huge countries are hard to administer for ANYONE, and wars are very expensive in human terms, and of course, when one attempts to steal territory, the people who live there get VERY upset and tend to fight like crazy. And that’s even if they lived under a severe totalitarian government.

    What really should evolve from all these figures is some kind of concept to make the planet more peaceful and productive, and to minimize the mass murder we call warfare.

    Stealing land is expensive and bloody, and usually works out unproductive in the end, anyway.

    Totalitarian governments, left or right, feel the pressure of population and start looking around for new places to live. And guess what? Those "useless people" currently occupying that ground generally have to be disposed of.

  11. 123 Says:

    Although Hitler supported Capitalism, his government was far from it, regulation increased under his reign, and some industries such as the arms industry, automotive industry, and a few others were directly controlled by the government, so we cannot blame capitalism for what happened there. All the others cannot be blamed for Capitalism as well.
    – The Great Depression was in part caused by the Federal Reserve System, havent you realized that before the FRS came into play we only had small economic hiccups every so often such as the panic of 1873. Before the FRS came into play the dollar rose 8% from 1776 to 1911 (the start of the FRS), today it has lost almost 97% of its value. America has not had capitalism for almost one hundred years, there is too much regulation from the state to continue calling it Capitalism, not saying regulation doesn’t have its place.
    -As for Africa, capitalism cannot be blamed either, its not economics thats killing people, but the inability to create a stable government. When constant war ensues people cannot develop the economy and instead must spend time, money and recourses to prepare for war. Look how the U.S developed its economy in relative peace, the occasional war was short, and not fought on any significant places where economic activity tool place, short wars such as WWI, the Civil War actually spurred demand, and encouraged growth. You need relative peace to grow an economy, war, racks up government debt, increases taxes, and reduces individual freedom. Which is why Africa is suffering.

    -As for all the America examples you include, capitalism cannot be blamed either, because its just an economic system, what the U.S was doing was getting involved in the politics of other countries, something outside the realm of economics.
    – Now communism is a soco-political and economic system. It not only worries about recourses and how they are spent, but the loyalty of people to the state, which is where all those deaths come from, as some people are not loyal no matter what.
    *feel free to debate me, I partially wrote this because I like to debate