If We Build 400,000 Windmills Can We Free Up Billions of Barrels Worth of Natural Gas And Coal To Lower Gas $$

Comprehensive Energy Plan To Lower Gasoline Prices

This is how we will do it. And this why we will do it.

This country has so much under used industrial capacity in our Auto Plants, Airplane Plants, Steel Plants and Electronics Plants to make America Energy Independent in 2 to 5 years. We can build enough windmills and solar power and wave generation energy plants to replace 90% of all of the electricity generated by COAL and NATURAL GAS.

For under 0 Billion we could build 400,000 windmills.

The Coal and Natural Gas saved by Green Replaceable Elecrrical Generation can now be used to make fuel for cars, trucks, busses, boats and airplanes, and or plastics, chemicals, fertilizers and pharmacuticals.

We need a comprehensive plan that puts America back to work in endeavors that benefit 99% of America.

Howard Scott Pearlman

5 Responses to “If We Build 400,000 Windmills Can We Free Up Billions of Barrels Worth of Natural Gas And Coal To Lower Gas $$”

  1. georock1959 Says:

    It would take a lot of energy to build and erect 400,000 windmills, not to mention the environmental impact of spinning blades and more power lines.

    Last I checked, natural gas and coal are not sold by the barrel.

    Wind, solar, and wave energy can form an important part of tomorrow’s energy mix, but they simply can not produce enough firm (on demand) energy to satisfy our energy greed. Nuclear is the only reasonable alternative to fossil fuels. I agree with your overall objective, as we need to start making better use of all of our energy resources.

  2. quizzard123 Says:

    Wind power is not, and will never be, more than a minor controbuter to a nations’ power supply, unless it is supplemented by connection to a more varied power grid from other areas.

    The reason is variability. In order to have a stable power supply, a system needs power sources to deal with peak loads, but also off peak base load. Since wind is variable, in order to use it, other sources need to be provided which can handle peak loads when the wind isn’t available. Same with solar of course, which is only available 12 ish hours a day at the most.

    Because of the need to have power supply to handle a peak load/no wind scenario, we effectively have to have double the capacity, an extremely inefficient system.

    Incidentally, without doing the math, 400,000 windmills sounds very low to supply even a small part of the US power needs.

  3. bumblebee Says:

    Anything is worth a try at this point. The trouble is, no one wants windmills in their backyard.
    If you want to put Americans back to work things will have to be made, sold and bought in this country.
    Also, this is my pet peeve……..millions and millions of dollars going to other countries in the form of aid………..we need to keep that money here. The government is peeing away our money…before anything can be done in this country to turn it around we need to turn around the politicians themselves first. Fat chance.

  4. laytonbensingerjr Says:

    Sorry friend wind mill,s can only create electric.Solving the gas grunge is a not her storie.L.B.J.

  5. Andrew G Says:

    It is a surprising fact that, if all the world’s deserts were covered with solar screens; we still could not produce as much energy as we derive from fossil fuels. Much the same can be said of wind energy.

    The reason is that coal is a very concentrated form of energy (if you like, it is concentrated solar energy, stored by plants and fossilised over millions of years – we are depleting it over a few hundred).

    I am not saying that alternative energy sources are undesirable; although making solar and wind generators in massive quantities is very energy and resource hungry in itself (from where do you get all the raw materials from, for a start).

    I am just saying that solar and wind energy is not the total answer; if we are all to live in the energy-hungry way to which we are accustomed.

    I hesitate to say that nuclear fission is the answer, with all its problems; but perhaps the long term answer could lie with manageable fusion power; if that ever becomes available.

    Of course; we cannot go on using fossil fuels forever; because they will eventually run out.