If we we start drilling offshore for oil and the price of oil still continues to rise……?

who or what will we next start blaming for the problem? It’s always someone else’s fault for the continuing escalation of oil prices, so if offshore drilling doesn’t lower prices, someone else will have to take the blame.

5 Responses to “If we we start drilling offshore for oil and the price of oil still continues to rise……?”

  1. PIX-ED Says:

    No matter how much oil we produce in the US, OPEC can counter-balance the world’s supply by reducing their output. The price stays high, a win-win for OPEC.

    Developing alternate energy sources is our only defense.

  2. Bushrod Isbister Says:

    Whose fault do you think it is?

  3. Akkita Says:

    Exported oil would be my guess………
    We should all email the president & Congress – let them know this practice has to stop until such time as we are in control of the oil crisis here at home or they impliment something fundamental and solid.

    How about we do everything at the same time -drill offshore, build a few new refineries , look into oil in the midwest,look into shale oil deposits and incoroprate alternatives energy sources instead of twirling our thumbs waiting for prices to rise?

  4. joe s Says:

    If we start to drill for oil right now it will longer than 50 years to see it make a difference in the oil prices. first of all if you are an oil Mogul like our president Bush, he could tell you how long it would take to see a drop in price if we started to drill again right now, but he did not. it took analysts to answer that question. Exploration is what they will be doing for the first years then they might find the right grade of crude oil, great! Then what refineries will they be sending them to? Yes we are short of refineries as well. Did we mention that refineries are a major cause of pollutants? the question is that, where are lobbyist for alternative energy like electric, bio diesel, wind power and solar power?

  5. dpj5 Says:

    Let’s drill first and then answer your ‘if’ question ‘if’ we have to. ‘If’ Bill Clinton let us drill and didn’t veto the bill in 1995 we ‘might’ not be in this quandry.