If your subdivision Promise a jr. olypimic pool and only has a small pool should lower home owner’s fees?

I live in a subdivision where the homeowners fees are 0 per year, the
contract says for a jr. oylimpic pool however the pool goes from 3ft-5ft with no lanes, this is not the pool promised and it is clear that the people
who wrote the goa rules violated their own codes, I want to move I am sick
of all the nick picking, and I leave right next door to a church of God Pastor who compalins where did my shrubby go, I have shrubby,

why didI kill my grass , I have grass and weeds and I was killing weeds, than some weeds we pulled up or sprayed left holes and
we had not finished filling the in, and he complained about one of my dogs barking but I have never complained about all his plastic toys
in the back yard or the spinning thing in his plant bucket in the front,
or his loud windchimes.

I feel like I live next door to a really nosey neighbor and once
he said to keep the equity in the houses high,

and I felt like screaming out if God or Jesus thinks like you
there will be no one in Heaven, and God might just think you might
not want to live in Heaven.

I even paid a landscaper to do my yard about 20 times, but
the weeds came back.

I hate subdivision they feel like prison cells and your under a guard
all the time.

I just wish before peole stuck their nose up my ass that they would
wipe ther own shit first.

No wonder alot of people have stopped going to church.

if people prayed as much as they could instead of being
busybodies and being nosey than people would go to church

I want uncoded land in the county in a nice house or modular
home , and I live in a brand new house.

I’m fixing to sale because I am tired of people having bitch fits on my head, especially

when this is coded for single famililes and about 100 families are leasing out homes, or renting out basemnts, or running business
from personal care home to nurseries

and I plan on saling to someone who they really don’t want living next door.

When God gave him a descent neighbor he should have thank God
I didn’t even play my music loud, and my niceness has worn completely out.
I could have been a bad neighbor partied all night,
had my rap music to the roof, had 100 cars going in and out and invite
plenty of people he didn’t want near his kids.

I mean gee,

I am not a drug dealer

not a drunk

and not a child molester

what more of a prefect neighbnor does he desire

2 Responses to “If your subdivision Promise a jr. olypimic pool and only has a small pool should lower home owner’s fees?”

  1. Landlord Says:


  2. Bobby C Says:

    I had a friend that had a problem neighbor like this (it’s a shame preachers aren’t more forgiving like God and Jesus are) and he fixed it pretty well. He put up a sign and put an ad into a paper:

    For Rent – Nice home
    Partying College Students Preferred

    For whatever reason his neighbors settled down though the HOA threw a fit.

    Another friend sold his home to a relative at a 50% loss so that it lowered the housing costs in his community. This was years ago when homes were going up. It actually cost his neighbors money as they were selling their homes and the realtors really created a fuss come negotiation time.

    The other thing that you can do

    Chemlawn can help with the lawn. Natural fertilizer works as well (it smells) and will really get their attention. They will slow the fuss with your lawn.

    I would get a pre-paid legal program such as PPL or ARAG and let the attorney’s fight it. Fighting this will require the HOA and neighbor to chill out.

    …and if anyone other than the pastor’s wife shows up when she is out of town get some pictures. Some of these rich pastors can’t turn away the temptation of flesh no matter how holy they say they are. IMHO, if they are living in a property better than 50% of their congregation they should be living in a lesser property and giving the money back!

    You can always sue the HOA and force your neighbors to pay a special assessment for the right pool to be put in *grin*. That will definitely raise some eybrows!