I'm CLUELESS in regards to anything before the interview… How to land a chance at a job?

I’m currently looking at Bed, Bath, and Beyond; JoAnn Fabrics; Michael’s Crafts; A couple of grocery stores; Dunkin Donuts; and will add to the list if I can think of anyone else who may be hiring.

-How do I verify (I found most of these positions in online listings from God knows when, and vague suggestions from people who know I’m looking)/ask (I have other places I’d like to check out, but if they’re hiring, I haven’t heard anything about it.) if a place is hiring? Do I call ahead? Walk in? If it’s the latter, whom do I ask?
-Is the first question always necessary, or is it acceptable to just ask for a job application? Again, who would I see about that?
-Is it really tacky to be in the place for any reason other than to pick up an application? I saw a guy order an application along with his date’s slushie once and it just didn’t seem right. If I decide to conduct a bit of business while my parents (I just turned 16.) are off doing their shopping, is that weird?
-Is it okay to take a lot of random shots? Example: Last time I was at a local restaurant, the owner (who’s friends with my mom) ended up serving us, all the while talking about how difficult it was having only one waitress most weekday afternoons (My ideal schedule…) and the whole "so hard to find good help" rant. I was so tempted to jump in with a "Maybe I could help… Are you hiring?" but didn’t know if it would be a good way to start what would have probably become an impromptu interview.

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  1. Pandas4me Says:

    you can go to their website and see if they have any open positions.
    some places have signs out, but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask if they are hiring or taking applications.
    do a google search for things like interview tips and resume examples.
    good luck!