I'm trying to find out what rights I have when it comes to dealing with a mineral right owner.?

I’m having alot of problems with the oil well workers leaving gates open, trash, pipes laying everywhere. I even had one cuss me out and tell me he will do what he damn well pleases on my land. I’ve contacted the owners and they say they will take of it but never do. I’m sure I’m not the only person that deals with jerks like this on a daily basis.

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  1. Brandon Hunt Says:

    The above poster is wrong. No trespassing signs will not effect oil workers. The police also can not step in, obstruct their work, or jail them. (unless a true crime is being committed) In fact, you can actually be fined or jailed for obstructing their work.

    Think of the mineral owner like a mortgage holder, they have the first lien position, IE – they have the first rights to the property.

    With that said, you are not totally alone. At some point a lease was signed and that lease has protection for the surface owner, things such as littering, gates being open, etc. can all be taken up with the current lease holder. They will all be listed in the lease clauses. They are all boiler plate legals that are required on all leases. You can find out who that is at your county courthouse, or by contacting the company you leased with directly(most leases change hands many times from signing to drilling).

  2. Ryan D. Says:

    If its your property put a "NO TRESPASSING" sign, call the police if the person you don’t want there is there. It is your property, it is up to you. They want to talk all that hot sh!t, they can go to jail or get cited.

  3. rickinnocal Says:

    You have the right to enforce the terms of the mineral grant. Generally, that requires the rights owner’s employees to take ‘reasonable care’ on your property. If they are not doing so, you can go to court and ask a judge to order them to do so. If they don’t obey him, then they are in contempt of court.


  4. Pegasus2112 Says:

    You own the land, you run the game, period…No one cusses me on land, or I’ll put a a good number of bullets in your vehicle…You rights are not set to the side because someone else owns the mineral rights…Call an attorney,,,Oil is BIG money…If you can shut down the Rig, the Rig owners will shut down the drilling crew and get another crew in two days…Knowledge is Power…Alot of Rough necks are two steps from prison in the first place…I can tell, you’re not from Texas…You signed a legal document to let these drillers on your land…They have obligations to you, and the guy whose nuts you can really twist is the guy that owns the mineral rights…Have a talk with him, with your attorney and this crap will stop within 2 hours..