in a land contract, why would homeowners insurance increase?

we are under a land contract for about 4 months now. The owner called and said because we need to carry our own homeowners insurance that our monthly payment would be increasing by 0 per month. Is this right and/or legal to do?

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  1. Vins Says:

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  2. Pat Says:

    Did YOU apply for homeowners insurance?

    Did YOU see the bil;l from the insurance company?

    I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to GET OUT OF TH IS CONTRACT AS FAST AS IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

    Land contracts are a scam.
    Everyone I have ever known who got into one got ripped off.

    WHY would you take his word for this?
    Do you even have a copy of the contract that you signed?
    Is he paying the mortgage?
    Is he paying the taxes?

    :You don’t know.

  3. frak1a12345 Says:

    Why should you carry the insurance? You are not the owner. That expense should have been discussed and decided upon before you entered into any agreement. The owner now wants to change the contract for his benefit (assuming you did discuss that expense before signing and it is covered by your contract) so I would say no to him and walk away because he wants to change the terms after you have an agreement in place.

    By the way, I pretty much agree with the first poster. Although I don’t believe most land contracts are scams they are written in favor of the owner and it is very hard to successfully complete the contract. Too many things can go wrong and usually something does happen that causes a breach and the property winds up going back to the owner. In your case it appears to have started already.