In general, would petroleum act as the same way as vegetable oil in an oil spill?

Well I know petroleum would be devastating to the environment, but they do spread/flaot the same way, don’t they?

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  1. anaphylactic shock Says:

    Yeah, for the most part. They’re both oil based liquids.

    answer mine?

  2. Laura Says:

    ya.. most of time

  3. Pantera Rosa Says:

    No, the two oils would not act the same way. Yes, they would both float on water as all oils do, but the vegetable oil is a much more ‘refined’ type of oil just like gasoline is a heavily refined petroleum oil from oil wells. The ‘lighter’ vegetable oil would float on top of water for a much longer period before it becomes dispersed into the water mostly by agitation. If there is no agitation of some sort, the vegetable oil would never disperse into the water and would always stay on top of the water. Other types of oils like this would be corn oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, etc.

    On the other hand, petroleum oil (from an oil well) contains many other ‘solids’ and is much heavier. You could put petroleum oil in a glass of water and even with no agitation you would see dark brown or black sediment in the bottom of the glass with hours or surely within a day (most of the oil would still be on top of the water). If you left it in the water for a week or two you would be amazed how much oil sediment there is in the bottom of the glass. This is the indication of how much solids content petroleum really has and it’s the reason petroleum has to be heavily refined before it can be used as a clear oil product like gasoline. Otherwise, it would ‘gumb up’ any kind of machinery.

    A case in point is the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill we had last year from the destroyed drilling rig and the leak of petroleum oil for months. Even though it was millions of gallons that was spilled, and the recovery effort of oil on the surface was a ‘drop in the bucket’, after about 2-3 weeks the oil on the ocean surface was almost totally disipated (not so on the beaches unfortunately). It was on the bottom of the seabed due to being heavier with its solids content and with the effect of all of the ocean agitation to disperse it with the seawater,

  4. 红光 Says:

    Yes 但你有不良语法 语句不通顺