In regards to the oil spill in the Gulf: Which is more important to Republicans? Profit or public safety?

The House approved a bill Friday to boost safety standards for offshore drilling, remove a federal cap on economic liability for oil spills and impose new fees on oil and gas production.

Republicans and some-oil state Democrats opposed the measure, calling it a federal power grab that would raise energy prices and kill thousands of American jobs because of the new fees and liability provision.

8 Responses to “In regards to the oil spill in the Gulf: Which is more important to Republicans? Profit or public safety?”

  1. roi Says:

    When several support apologizing to bp for being them responsible its not a good question (sorry) These statement’s & trying to block legislation Prove big oil is there owner & to hell with the public

    Big oil’s decimation should be paid for by the government deficits are a good thing if protecting big oil- there actions speak volumes.

  2. downwithsocialists2 Says:

    Ask the people in the Gulf states that actually live there. They all HATE Obama

  3. stuntman112 Says:

    You cannot judge until you read the bill.

  4. Shiraz Jr. Says:

    why do Iiberals think the two can not exist simultaneously?

  5. Bad Elephant; back in your cave! Says:

    Is that really a question?

    Republican politicians care about ONE thing: profit.

  6. Mark Says:

    Answer this "where is all that oil that spilled into the Gulf,no one seems to be able to find it ,hmmmmmm ain’t Mother Nature grand.

  7. Jamie Says:

    and the people who opposed it were correct on it raising the cost of energy..

  8. imaxkr Says:

    The two are not mutually exclusive.
    But if you take a look at the safety records of corporations operating in the more free enterprise west and compare them to those in China, Cuba and Russia you will find that by far free market operates more safely.

    Simply look at the auto industry.
    Thousands are killed every year in car accidents. Sure we could demand completely safe vehicles, demand that the travel no faster than 1 mph, demand that every driver has thousands of hours of practice and training, demand that every car has someone running in front with a flashing light to warn of the oncoming car, but are you willing to pay all the added costs and added time for that safety?