IN the 2006 elections, why would the republicans have raised the price of oil?

What is the logic behind people thinking that Republicans make oil expensive? Especially at an election time where they would get blamed and booted from office for it?

11 Responses to “IN the 2006 elections, why would the republicans have raised the price of oil?”

  1. Fido Says:

    IT was just more liberal media and blog lies

  2. cmdrbnd007 Says:

    Neither the Republican nor the Democrats have the ability to raise the price of oil.

  3. takebackamerica Says:

    Because people think the repubs want to give money to companies, so they can get rich.

    Amazing how the Obama admin, gave money to companies to take them over though

  4. regular american Says:

    They wouldn’t and didn’t. Republicans as a group do not have power to raise or lower gas prices, just as Democrats can’t do so now that they hold the majority .

  5. Michelle Bachmann Says:

    The logic is that it is all in your head.

    Time for your meds.

  6. Visee Says:

    It wasn’t the Republicans, but the Arab friends of the Bush Cabal, who raised the price of oil. Remember, too, President Bush met with these oil shieks prior to the prices skyrocketing. Do you think that was a coincidence?

  7. Cold Hard Fact Says:

    *************** NEWS FLASH ******************

    The price of oil is controlled by OPEC, not Republicans.

  8. Brianne Says:

    Reublicans didn’t raise the price of oil. We’ve spent months on here about this issue. The president nor the administration have any real say in the price of oil, you should know this. The price of oil is determined by the stock market, gee.

  9. KO the Con's Says:

    Contrary to popular belief, our Government has no control of the price of oil at all. We are at the total mercy of the Arab’s who control the supply and the speculators that set the price.

  10. Samantha Jones Says:

    And yet, the GOP blamed Clinton when the price of oil increased in 1999. Clinton released some of the strategic petroleum reserves and the price went down. The SPR is oil that the government pays to stockpile in case the price increases enough to damage the economy. I guess Bush and his oil cronies didn’t care about the economy enough to stop the bleeding at the pump which kicked us into the economic mess we are in now.

    The 2006 elections were a referendum on just who the people thought were responsible for the high gas prices. I guessed you missed the Dems taking over Congress?

  11. dave747 Says:

    The idiot that suggested the Saudis raised the price of oil after meeting w/ President Bush—-Why would Bush do that in an ELECTION YEAR?

    Better answer: The Saudis jacked the price of oil to make gas $4/gallon last summer ’08 because the Republicans were the incumbents in the White House and their Muslim friend Obama was running against the Republicans. (Note how the Saudi’s pet President BOWED to the Saudi King Abdullah earlier this year.)

    The Saudis only quit jacking oil prices in late summer ’08 when the Republican’s "Drill here, drill now, save $$" started to catch on….then they dropped oil prices like a rock.