In the name of the good mexican people that are here to work and do pay taxes….?

even thought they have fake socials,they still get an IRS number and pay their taxes,i will agree that there are illegals that are here to cause trouble and stuff,I (a 21 year old mexican who came here with passport and visa and will expire in 2011,(illegal too since tourist permit expired)I will ask for mercy :(,not for laws or rights that dont belong to me,and im asking this not to the US gov either,but to the AMERICAN PEOPLE,since theyre the real owners of this land ,please have mercy ,i can easily go back to mexico with my dad since hes an engineer and i had a decent life unlike the rest of mexicans there but i realise there are good immigrants even though theyre illegal,once again with all my heart and totally embarrased i ask for mercy :(
those who reply the fact that they cant pay their medical services cause of illegals,let me explain that in february ,like about 4-5 am ,i had a strong pain in my stomach,had to go to the nearest hospital,i had some kind of gastritis that caused infection,i stayed there for 6 hours ,and since i have no medical insurance ,my bill was (is) 2045 dollars ,im giving what i can cause they really helped me even thouhg im mexican and no med insurance

4 Responses to “In the name of the good mexican people that are here to work and do pay taxes….?”

  1. bradsgranny Says:

    Let them enter the country legally. I don’t think it’s right for my tax dollars to be used to give them food stamps, medical care, education, etc., when I can’t get medical care for myself. Sure they pay taxes, but they cost us a heck of a lot more than they contribute to our economy.

  2. metcalfmaintenance1 Says:

    Graet American Melting Pot.Most all of our ancestors were immigrants.The Native Americans are the true owners of this land.Let them decide.

  3. thatsmygunther Says:

    What truly bothers me are the ones that come here, don’t work and tap into our welfare system and have more babies so that they can get more benefits.

    You speak English too!

    Not all immigrants or all illegals are bad. I know that there are some that are coming here to search for work and to make a decent leaving.

    Those that are hard workers and that are sincere do not bother me at all. Those that can speak English don’t bother me either

  4. RYSN1979 Says:

    I think they should be allowed into this country, but we have to have a system. The border needs to be secured to keep people like the al queda from sneaking over. Our airline security is almost impossible to get through and they will do anything it takes to get in, and the border is a weak spot.