in world commodity,why is it the price of oil, gold and natural gas keep on moving?

gold are use for what?
what is natural gas?where do they use it?

4 Responses to “in world commodity,why is it the price of oil, gold and natural gas keep on moving?”

  1. zyberianwarrior Says:

    gold is an inflation hedge and helps with a weak dollar. Natural gas is in use in a lot of countries namely the US and Russia are two of the bigger users.

    But the run is attritubited to a weak dollar and strong global economics.

  2. michael Says:

    gold is an asset which keep on changing its price because demand of gold is more.demand is a force of market which decides the price.thats why oil,gold and natural gases keep on moving.

  3. Indocoal T Says:

    why commodity price keep on moving up, because the demand is bigger than the supply especially the china, lately they are a heavy buyer for any kind of commodities to full fill their appetite…..

    Mostly Gold is use for Jewelry, but most of the time people take it as an investment to protect their wealth from the inflation….

    Natural gas is an energy , mostly they are using for electric power plant..!

  4. Bhau Says:

    Price depends upon total demand and total supply.
    When demand is more, price rise.
    When demand is less, price fall.
    There are many factor which effect in increasing or decreasing the demand… such as

    less production, more consumptions, holidays, strikes, transportation problem, political policies, etc