Inherited property between two siblings – rights to copy of land deed?

My brother & I inherited a parcel of land w/ mineral rights from my parents. All was divided equally. I have never been given nor seen any information, papers, deeds etc. I did sign documents at the reading of the will. When I mentioned I wanted my own set of deeds etc…he told me I had no right to ask for these papers. He just went through a divorce and I know his wife was trying to get her share out of it. Additionally, our tax bill is 1/4 of what it used to be (and by the way the tax bill always goes to him only)? We have never been given a receipt for our portion. Being half owner, don’t I have a right to have my own copy of the land deed and leases with oil companies. He more or less threatened that I am not to inquire about this. Do I have good reason to be suspicious? Could he have sold off the property without my permission and if so, how?

2 Responses to “Inherited property between two siblings – rights to copy of land deed?”

  1. Jeanne R Says:

    The whole matter boils down to the fact that you don’t know what you signed. You need to get an attorney to look into this matter immediately. You may have signed away any ownership to the parcel of land and/or the mineral rights ( a quit claim deed). If that is the case, you may be out of luck here unless you can prove fraud. Was there an attorney handling the estate and handling the change of ownership and title on the deed? If so contact him/her today. I would be suspicious and I would get an attorney now.

  2. Golden Says:

    if you signed some document at the reading of the will, sounds like you may have signed off on this property. either way you should have gotten copies right then. maybe you should hire a lawyer.